October 24, 2013 •

IDG Makes Me Feel Inspired

Anita at SPK OutThe following post shares the thoughts and reflections of Anita, Girl Advocate for the Working Group on Girls. She leads us through her feelings and reflections at the IDG 2013 Girls Speak Out.

I am nervous, but nervous could not be the word to express the millions of emotions running through my head. All eyes on us. The Working Group on Girls members looking at us with confidence with faith in their eyes. They believe in us. And ready or not, three o’clock was here. Lights, camera, action.

My obsession to deliver my speech perfectly was washed away when I stumbled on a sentence. So I smile as I looked out to the audience and saw my best friend, 20 other students from my class, and GIRLS. The ECOSOC chamber for one day, October 11 to be exact, was filled with girls and leaders who want girls to succeed globally.

My favorite part of the Girl Speak Out was the audience. They responded with compassion and serenity as we were all moved together.

Hands UpI was asked to give one word to describe my feelings after speaking at the UN with audience members, such as the Ambassador of Turkey. My instant reaction was that one word cannot describe the mood of IDG 2013. However, instantly the word “inspired” shot right through my mouth.

The Girl Speak Out was more than just testimonies. It awakened the drive to make a difference, create change – even something as simple as starting a petition – I feel inspired.

The Speak Out was accessible to anyone. That was the beautiful part. It was not just an event for people at the UN, but for girls everywhere.

It is unanimous: The Day of the Girl should be everyday! It brought girls and adults from all different backgrounds together to connect and change the world.