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2021 11 Days of Action!

This year’s celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child demands a continued innovative approach to building connection through digital spaces while emphasizing the inclusion of voices often left out of these digital spaces. As proud members of the Working Group on Girls, we seek to put girls at the forefront to share their experiences, to listen to girls to hear what they need, and to partner with them in finding sustainable solutions to issues that they face. In our consultations with girls, they have emphasized “the importance of digital literacy, reliable electricity, devices, and the internet, and how they can impact the way girls interact, educate themselves, and participate in political discourse,” and that “closing the digital gender divide and ensuring access to the internet is crucial.”  Thus, this year, in conjunction with UNICEF’s IDG 2021 Theme “Digital Generation, Our Generation,” on this 9th annual marking of IDG, the WGG’s theme for the Girls Speak Out is:

“Closing the Digital Divide to Accelerate Change.” 

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