11 Days of Action

October 5th: Loretto Community, Society of the Sacred Heart, and Justice Coalition of Religious

Welcome to Day 5!

Loretto Community and Society of the Sacred Heart discuss

Education, Girls and Digital Technology

Join us for a Twitter Chat from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm with @LorettoattheUN @RSCJatUN and learn about what we can do to #EducateGirls2021, ensure #DigitalInclusion4Girls and amplify young women’s voices from all around the world! 

#EducateGirls2021 #11DaysofAction #KeepGirlsSafe2021 #IDG2021 #DayoftheGirl #IDGxWGG

Today, we focus on education, girls and digital technology because education informs, empowers and liberates! Also, because awareness needs to be raised and action taken to ensure that all girls have equal access to digital technology, internet, devices and training. 

Action: Be sure to Share a photo on Twitter or Instagram completing the phrase “Bridging the digital divide to accelerate change means…” And then tag @IDG_Summit (Twitter) or @DayoftheGirlSummit (Instagram) with your post!