I am very excited to join IDG Summit 2014 for the first time. This is an important step in ensuring girls needs around the world are met! - Cynthia S.

We are thrilled to be attending the Girls Speak Out this year. Last year was incredible. Thank you for your inspiring work, girls, from all over the world! - Abby and Julia

Long Live the Girls believe in the power to speak out and write with freedom. We stand proudly with the International Day of the Girl.

We are stronger together!

Every girl can be a #Girlpreneur

When a girl sees women leaders, she sees that she herself can be a leader #EngageGirls

Girls deserve to choose who and if they marry

I feel powerful when I am part of the solution #whatmakesmefeelpowerful

Together we can #endviolence against girls

When she sees women leaders, she believes she can be a leader, too #BorntoLead

#GirlsoftheFuture will make up half of all leadership positions

Girls deserve the knowledge they need to protect themselves, so they can lead healthier lives #Take3Pledge

Let's #findaleader and #bealeader for today's girls

Together we are changing the world #itsaGirlThing

IDG Summit proves that the world is ready for gender equality. We just need to keep working to help it get there.

Girls are the key to our collective digital future. #IDG2014

Malala reminds us all that Girls' Rights are Human Rights. Congratulations to this historical Nobel Peace Prize winner!

IDG 2014

imgres-3IDG 2014
An amazing momentum was sparked with IDG 2013. So for IDG 2014, the IDG Summit Team launched  11 Months of Action. Amazing groups, such as Girls Not Brides and  the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and the Media lead us in ways to advance girls’ rights month by month, all year long. So powerful!

There’s an unparalleled energy building each year, as we continue our work with our signature efforts: 11 Days of Action, the Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations, and the IDG2014 Summit Webcast. And so we invite you to join us! Sign up for updates! Add your voice to the discussion. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Feel free to check out our signature campaigns for IDG 2014:

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• 11 Months of Action
• IDG 2014 Girl Delegation
11 Days of Action
Girls Speak Out at the United Nations
• Raising Ms. President Google Hangout

Be sure to check out all of the #IDG2014 Instagram Pictures, too! YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!

The theme for the International Day of the Girl Child 2014 , as set by our friends at UNICEF, was  Ending the Cycle of Violence. This powerful theme builds upon the momentum ignited in 2013. Each year, more  girls and girl-serving organizations get involved with the IDG Summit movement; a global initiative. The Summit has become the ideal platform to showcase the ongoing work of many to advance girls’ rights and empower girls everywhere.

Together, we are changing the world!


Photo credit: www.unicef.org