IDG 2012, the First International Day of the Girl
For the first International Day of the Girl, Emily Bent of Sage Girl and Rebecca Gaynier of iTwixie produced a virtual summit to commemorate 10.11.12. The Day of the Girl Summit brought thousands of girls and girl-serving organizations together to elevate the status of girls in our local and global communities. The Summit offered a variety of interactive activities designed to engage girls in the Girls’ Rights movement. Some of these signature activities included: 11 Days of Action Campaign, Day of the Girl Challenges, Proclamation Project, and a  LIVE video broadcast of Day of the Girl celebrations from around the world. On October 11, 2012, over 3500 people from 26 countries and 50 different girls’ organizations participated in the Summit activities. The 11 Days of Action campaign garnered over 2400 posts in support of girls’ rights. Former UN Women Executive Director, Michelle Bachelet produced a series of promotional videos in English, French and Spanish launching the Day of the Girl Summit. The LIVE video broadcast on October 11th held global audiences with over 20 videos submitted from girls in Canada, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Mozambique, Sweden and the United States speaking about the significance of the Day of the Girl.

Girls from around the world said that they were thrilled and proud to be part of the first Day of the Girl Summit:

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