11 Days of Action

October 6th: Launch gURLs

Welcome to Day 6 of 11 Days of Action

Using Digital Technology to End Poverty


Today, Launch gURLs is exploring the future where girls have access to economic opportunities as a result of digital technologies. Harnessing technology and the internet has not only been proven to improve global economies but also improve the lives of girls. Adolescent girls around the world have the unique power to break cycles of poverty and inequality with the right information, skills, and support. While digital technology may not eradicate poverty, access to technology can help girls break harmful cycles in the following ways:

Access to Education

Education is critical for advancing girls’ development agenda. Online, Girls can access high-quality educational programming and skill building courses that they would not have been able to attend in-person due to cost, distance, and societal expectations. Technology creates lifelong learners who are able to upskill and re-skill in constantly changing economic environments.

Awareness of Economic Opportunities

Technology accelerates the eradication of poverty by creating awareness of different economic opportunities and providing access to these opportunities. UNICEF found that over 90% of jobs worldwide have a digital component. We have seen the explosive growth of the gig economy, remote working, and the development of new additional job categories leading to better paying, more flexible jobs. Online, girls have greater access to these jobs and can find opportunities that meet their needs and skill sets. Girls who choose to become entrepreneurs can now run entire businesses online or use digital tools to enhance in-person businesses.

Ability to Problem Solve

With new technologies that democratize access, we have a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of an entire generation of girls to become bold participants, leaders, and creators in global economies. Girls use technology to create and innovate, solving pressing problems in their communities, countries, and the world. Girls can leverage technology to make their voices heard and  help eradicate poverty in innovative ways.

More girls than ever before are online according to a study by the Girl Effect, but girls still face a persistent gender gap when accessing the internet and technology. The digital world can provide a space to learn, connect and grow, but girls need to understand how to leverage the power of the internet in safe ways. We need to bridge the digital divide and meet the needs of girls based on their access to technology, helping them become part of larger digital communities safely.

What is the role of Launch gURLs in this work?

We believe the best way to help girls access economic opportunities is through high-quality programming that builds confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset, teaches digital citizenship through tech proficiency and online safety, and facilitates physical and virtual networks that champion and support girls. 

Launch gURLs creates customized programming, called Girl Boss, from certification courses to incubators and seed funds for adolescent girls ages 14-24. We work with local partners to provide comprehensive tools including training, technology, and facilitator’s guides to deliver programming that develops skills and creates pathways to employment. By empowering and meeting the needs of girls, we can unlock incredible potential that is capable of transforming communities, countries, and global economies. 

How Can You Take Action to Unlock Girls’ Potential Using Digital Technology?

  • Join our Twitter chat @Launch_gURLs on October 6th, from 11:00am ET – 12:00pm ET as we bring together inspiring Girl Bosses and discuss how technology helps create economic opportunities. You can follow along at #IDG2021.
  • Join our community and sign up to be part of Girl Boss. Follow our Instagram (@launch_gurls), Facebook (Launch gURLs), and Twitter (@Launch_gURLs) accounts for updates on Girl Bosses and professional skill building for adolescent girls.
  • Participate in our #girlbossinaction challenge: post a picture of you celebrating a recent win of yours and tag 3 friends! 
  • Invest in girls – Commit to providing at least 30 min of professional mentorship to a girl and help her leverage digital tools to succeed in her future.
  • Partner with Launch gURLs to bring entrepreneurship and digital programming to girls in your area.

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