Day 4
Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies

Improving education for girls includes changing all the messages that girls everywhere get from media and products, even if they are too young to read or don’t know how to read. We all pick up assumptions and ideas from media and products that are repeated everywhere around us.

Media from TV to internet to magazines to radio to books show an unequal world. A world where females aren’t as important as males. A world where girls and women are passive and only interested in certain traditionally “girly” things. Even in the most interesting books, TV, movies and music, there are almost always many more important and powerful male characters than female characters.

Products from toys to clothes to games are just as unequal.

We say it’s time for this to change! We make media and products that show an equal world where every girl and woman can be herself and be important.

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Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies