The Day of the Girl Summit has become a movement. With over 100 organizations adding their communities’ voices, our message resonates with greater volume each year. This year’s summit aims to amplify a common thread that unites girls, girl-serving organizations, parents, boys, men, political leaders and celebrities: girls’ rights are human rights.

Our global network , the Day of the Girl Summit, honors this historic declaration by the United Nations, by recognizing the significance of the day and all of our work around the world, in :

  • Celebration: recognizing the successful adoption of UN Resolution 66/170 and celebration of girlhood worldwide
  • Solidarity: giving passion and energy to grassroots activism on behalf of girls’ rights
  • Action: mobilizing our peers and communities to join the movement for girls’ rights
  • Support: building a strong, committed collective dedicated to achieving gender equality

Join our movement to celebrate girls’ rights around the world! Register for the Day of the Girl Summit TODAY. When you sign up, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win an official Day of the Girl Summit t-shirt!