Vote for the T-Shirt Color for IDG 2015

What color do YOU think the t-shirts for IDG 2015 should be? Tell us or vote right here! Or send your vote on Twitter to @IDGSummit2015!

SPARK at IDG 2013Should it be #RED, #ORANGE, #YELLOW, #NAVY We want to hear from you! IDG 2015 is only 3 months away. It’s time to raise our voices, girls, and get ready for the most amazing International Day of the Girl, EVER!


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5 thoughts on “Vote for the T-Shirt Color for IDG 2015

  1. Blythe Talley

    Hi, while unable to attend an event this year due to a recent medical procedure. I would still love to contribute and show my support. Is there anywhere I could buy this yearsshirt?

  2. Dr. Anjali Gupta

    the colour should be white and blue with multi-coloured logo in the centre.

    there needs to be a SheForShe Campaign to address domestic violence in the states of India where if a mother in law or sister in law stands by a woman, dare her husband abuse her.