April 9, 2014 •

The Missed Emergency: Girls


There are 600 million adolescent girls in the world. These girls are the potential drivers for, and represent the greatest risk for inhibiting, global economic prosperity.

The greatest risk for missing the opportunity for girls to drive economic prosperity comes at times of community emergencies. During emergencies, adolescent girls face heightened risk of personal safety violations and human rights abuses.  Although they are integral to their families’ survival and face harsh realities, humanitarian response — as currently designed — typically neglects them as a population.

Join us as we take action. Incorporate the five actions in this report, into your daily work:  Missing the Emergency: Shifting the Paradigm for Relief to Adolescent Girls.” Adolescent girls cannot become the world’s “missed emergency.” 600 million girls around the world can become our greatest, global opportunity.

Join us. Together we can change the world.