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The Gift of Human Rights

This December, give girls the gift of human rights. Join the IDG Summit’s 11 Months of Action campaign and #VoteforGirls at the United Nations… because every girl deserves the right to be heard.

photo 3It’s so easy to share your voice!

Step 1: Take the My World survey and add “Girls” to the Suggested Priorities section.

Step 2: Tell us why you voted for girls. Write down on a piece of paper why you think it is important to listen to girls. Take a photo of yourself holding the paper and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For ex: “I #Vote4Girls because girls have the power to change the world.” #11MonthsofAction #IDG2014

Don’t forget to add #Vote4Girls #11MonthsofAction #IDG2014 in the caption.

… because everyday is the Day of the Girl!



Vote for Girls

photo 2

This December, the IDG Summit Team invites you to Vote for Girls  to keep girls’ voices and experiences in the Post-2015 Agenda at the United Nations.

Here’s what’s happening:
From 2000 – 2015, the United Nations used the Millennium Development Goals (or MDGs) to establish a vision of a better world for people everywhere.

The MDGs included 8 goals:


In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals will come to an end and the international community will need to create a new plan to help people around the world.

This new plan is called the “Post-2015 Agenda.” This is where YOU come in! YOU can help make sure that the United Nations includes girls’ voices and experiences as the Post-2015 Agenda gets formed. And it is SO EASY. Here are 3 Steps that YOU can take:

Step 1: Vote for Girls
Go to the My World survey and add “Girls” to the Suggest a Priority section at the bottom. Complete the rest of the survey and Click “Vote” to make sure that your voice is heard!

Step 2: Show the World Why You Voted for Girls
On a piece of paper, write down why you think it is important to include girls in the Post-2015 Agenda. For example, “I Voted for Girls because…” then add your response.

Take a photo of yourself holding the Vote for Girls paper and post it on Instagram.

Make sure to add the hashtags #Vote4Girls #Post2015 #11MonthsofAction and add @IDG2014 and @NGOWGG in the caption.

Step 3: Join us in our fight for girls’ rights across the globe!
Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more about #IDG2014, #11MonthsofAction and stay involved!

This Month of Action is sponsored by our friends at the Working Group on Girls at the United Nations.