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Day 8 – Lead Like a Girl

Have you heard about BALI and GAC girls?  New York girls from the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI) and New Jersey girls from the Alice Paul Institute’s Girls Advisory Council (GAC) are joining to bring you a dynamic Day of Action!  And they want to talk about what women’s emerging new leadership possibilities with national and international impact. Today, a woman is running for President of the United States. And, we have a woman seeking to become the new Secretary General of the United Nations. Two key leadership positions may be held by women and their leadership may inspire future generations of women leaders. Learn about what those future women leaders- BALI and GAC girls- think about how women’s representation in key leadership positions will affect them and their futures. 

Day 8: Alice Paul Institute & Bella Abzug Leadership Institute Women and girls can inspire the next generation of leaders!

Join us Saturday, October 8; 10am-2pm on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
bella api#LeadLikeAGirl 

Watch Raising Ms. President for IDG 2014

We proudly present the trailer for Raising Ms. President, a documentary about raising the next generation of political leaders.

Find a screening near you! Host one! Join us today, October 11, 2014, for a Twitter Chat about how we can amplify girls voices for change. Join the Raising Ms. President Google Hangout today at 4pm ET and add your voice to the discussion. When girls hold 50% of leadership positions in the world, our solutions will represent 100% of our community. Let’s do this.

Together we can change the world.


Girls Defining Leadership for IDG 2014

Leadership – By: Aarushi, age 14 years, USA

takeactionMany times we do not know

How to act, where to go

But we must realize that

It is the seeds of our lives that we must sow


Being a leader doesn’t take all that much

But sometimes we don’t know such

That all we have to do is

Take a stand

And put our life in our own hands


Being a leader means


My rights and yours


My thoughts and yours


About you and I


Side by side

Being confident

About your actions

Reaching out

To those in need

And Inspiring

The world.