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Watch the Girls Speak Out 2014

10612967_10204923135583942_3160607481910758857_nThe International Day of the Girl Summit is a movement.  Join us via any of our signature campaigns, including:
IDG Summit 2014 Indiegogo Campaign
• 11 Months of Action
• IDG 2014 Girl Delegation
11 Days of Action
Girls Speak Out at the United Nations

We bring together thousands of girls, girl-serving organizations and adults to who are not waiting for the world to change; they are changing the world now. And we need you.

If you were unable to attend the 2nd Annual Girls Speak Out at the United Nations on October 10, 2014, we invite you to watch it! Please understand that the poetry, songs and stories that were performed at this year’s  Girls Speak Out include depictions of girls’  experiences with difficult topics, including bullying, bulimia, rape, abuse and violence against girls. These stories represent many of the realities faced by girls around the world; it is with these stories that we elevate our voices and stand together for global girls’ rights. It’s a powerful message that may be best suited for girls over 13. Thank you!

We hope the 2nd Annual Girls Speak Out inspires you to join us and take action!

Special thanks to our sponsors, Janssen, for supporting this incredible opportunity for girls to be together and heard by World Leaders, UN Ambassadors, UN Representatives.
The Working Group on Girls
Thanks, too, to the Working Group on Girls who worked directly with the Missions of Canada, Peru, and Turkey to present the Girls Speak Out.

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When girls raise their voices and tell their stories, they can change the world.

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Day 6: Find a Leader! Be a Leader!

Why do we need to elect more women?


  • It’s fair! Women are 51% the U.S. population, but less than 25% of all elected officials.
  • It’s smart! When we choose leaders, we should pick from the widest pool of possibilities so we make sure to get the best people.
  • Women change things up! They bring different backgrounds, different ideas about policies, and different approaches to how to make government work.

If it’s such a great idea, why are there so few elected women leaders?
Lots of reasons – but the biggest one is: Not enough women run for office!

Why don’t women run?
Again, lots of reasons – but here’s a big one: Nobody asked!

I'mGoingtoBePresident_cropped2One girl who learned about how few women ran for office decided to take action. She wrote a letter to one of her teachers and asked her to run, telling her why she’d be great. Guess what? The teacher thought about it, realized it made sense, ran for her local council – and won!

So here are TWO actions to take for Day 6 of 11 Days of Action!  

  1. Think about the future you. If you could make a big difference by running for office, what would you like to do? What in your neighborhood, your country or the world would you change? What problem could you help to solve? Make a sign to tell us what you’ll run for and what you hope to do:“If I were President, I would___________” or “When I’m the Mayor, I will ______” or “In the Senate, I’ll make sure _____________.” Share it online with the hashtag #girlslead!
  2. Do you know a woman who’s ready to be a great leader today? Invite her to run! You can write a letter, make a sign, record a video – just reach out to her. Tell her why she should run, why you think she’d do a great job. And make sure to tell her how you’ll help – maybe hold a car wash to raise campaign funds or hand out campaign literature. Ask others to chime in too, so she’ll know that lots of people want her to run. Then tell us about who you asked and why. Maybe you’ll inspire others to ask women they know. This could be the start of something big!Learn more about Teach a Girl to Lead™ by visiting teachagirltolead.org!
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You can also learn more about women and politics at the Center for American Women and Politics

Day 2: Girls of the Future

What makes you powerful?
What do you think girls will be in the future?

Girls at Bella Abzug Leadership Institute and the Alice Paul Institute have inspirational messages for girls around the world! Let them inspire you to take action and add your voices to theirs!

Today’s Day of Action is all about these two important questions! Just use #whatmakesmepowerful  and #girlsofthefuture and finish these sentences:

#Girlsofthefuture will be___________.
_________ is what #makesmepowerful.

Let’s fill Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with images, videos and messages about what makes us powerful! The world is listening! Let’s raise our voices!

Day 1: Ready, Set, Girls Engage

First Day of Action: Girls everywhere: READY, SET, ENGAGE!

At the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, we want to help girls participate in all of the building blocks that make up the world around them. Whether it’s in your school, the state government, an international organization, or International Day of the Girl, we want you to be involved, active, and heard.

Girls in BlueHelp us kick off the 11 Days of Action 2014 by telling us what you’re capable of doing. Complete one of the following sentences on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

“I’m a girl and I can…”   OR   “I’m a girl and I will…”

Just make sure to use the hashtag #GirlsEngage or mention @CAG_org so we can find your message.

Maybe you can be president. Maybe you can win the science fair. Or maybe you can use your voice to let the world know that girls are powerful, smart, and capable of sparking meaningful, long-lasting change. What can YOU do?

Get involved, get loud, and celebrate the unique power of girls!
This could be the start of something BIG! 

Become a Science Sleuth!

DSC09673We have had so much fun sharing our Girls’ Leadership Program with you, and as part of our last activity, we want to tell you how we all became Science Sleuth’s!

First, we decided that if we were going to be effective leaders in the world – we needed to take action to save our environment. Then, we learned how to actually take care of the earth. We learned forest ecology and gardening; we learned about the importance of wetlands and how to study the behavior of birds, reptiles, and amphibians. And we played with a lot of frogs!

What about you? Do you want to save the environment?

IMG_0337Our Call to Action is: Become a Science Sleuth! 

Step 1: Watch as we explored our environment and learned all about mother nature.

Step 2: Tell us how you can make a difference and take care of the earth. Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter – don’t forget to use #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction

If you want to learn how to bring the Science Sleuth activities to your community, you can download the full curriculum here Scientific Sleuths Environment Expedition PBC August 2014 FINAL

Outdoor Survival: Learning to Thrive!

NIKON_D5100_20140412_7697We can all make a difference in the world, and after learning about ourselves as leaders and teammates – we wanted to learn more about the world around us. So we developed the “Outdoor Survival” program for girls.

Are you up for the challenge? This week you can learn how to survive and thrive in the outdoors! We worked together to build a fire, learned how to use a compass to navigate the forest, and built a raft to safely float in water.

After spending so much time outdoors, we gained a deeper understanding and passion for environmental activism. We hope that you will join us in making the earth a safer and greener place.

Our Call to Action this week is to apply your survival skills to everyday life!NIKON_D5100_20140412_7951

Step One: See how we learned to survive in the outdoors!

Step Two: Tell us how you can apply your survival skills to everyday life. Share your ideas on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to use #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction.

Together, we can make a difference in the world. If you want to learn more about this activity, you can download the full curriculum Spectacular Survival Program PBC August 2014 FINAL.