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Outdoor Survival: Learning to Thrive!

NIKON_D5100_20140412_7697We can all make a difference in the world, and after learning about ourselves as leaders and teammates – we wanted to learn more about the world around us. So we developed the “Outdoor Survival” program for girls.

Are you up for the challenge? This week you can learn how to survive and thrive in the outdoors! We worked together to build a fire, learned how to use a compass to navigate the forest, and built a raft to safely float in water.

After spending so much time outdoors, we gained a deeper understanding and passion for environmental activism. We hope that you will join us in making the earth a safer and greener place.

Our Call to Action this week is to apply your survival skills to everyday life!NIKON_D5100_20140412_7951

Step One: See how we learned to survive in the outdoors!

Step Two: Tell us how you can apply your survival skills to everyday life. Share your ideas on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to use #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction.

Together, we can make a difference in the world. If you want to learn more about this activity, you can download the full curriculum Spectacular Survival Program PBC August 2014 FINAL.

Girls Show Us How to “Connect to Courage”

NIKON_D5100_20140412_7589In all of our communities, there are people who inspire us to do more! Last week, we found strength in ourselves and now, we find inspiration in the girls who push us to be more courageous, daring, and to take the lead for change.

This week, we want you to be courageous and to learn about yourself as a leader. You can follow our lead as we show you how to cooperate as a team, problem solve, and compromise. In this video,  you will see that we used low rope activities to develop our leadership skills because they required us to be effective communicators and quick thinkers.

Here is our Call to Action: Be Courageous Leaders! 

Step 1: Watch Connect to Courage and see how we learned to work as a team of leaders.

Step 2: Tell us how you are courageous in your everyday life! Share your courageous acts on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to use the #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction



PS – To show just how much we learned about teamwork and leadership, we also build a raft out of a few bare essentials (just for fun!). Want to learn how? Check out Connect to Courage. Leading Teams August 2014 FINAL for the full downloadable curriculum.


September’s Month of Action: Girls Taking the Lead

NIKON_D5100_20140412_8065This month, we are proud to feature some pretty amazing NJ middle school girls who developed their own Girls’ Leadership Program for girls just like them! 

This four-part program was designed to inspire and challenge girls to take the lead in their lives and in their communities. It was developed in partnership with the Princeton-Blairstown Center: a non-profit organization that has been helping young people build leadership skills for over 100 years. And we are honored to bring their efforts to the IDG Summit for September’s Month of Action.

This week: We dare you to see girls for their strengths!

Step 1: Watch Dare to Discover Yourself and see how these girls learned to overcome their fears while traveling across a tightrope 50 ft above ground!

Step 2: Share one thing that you will do to discover a hidden strength. Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to use #IDG2014 #11MonthsofAction

photo-6Want to learn more? Click Dare to Discover August 2014 FINAL to download a copy of the Dare to Discover Yourself curriculum.