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Day 9 – Speak Up


Today, add your voice and work to the discussion and showcase of the power of girls when they speak up for themselves and each other. And don’t miss our Twitter Chat from 1pm-2pm. Sponsored by Girls Coalition, PROGRESS and iTwixie @GirlsSWPA @PROGRESSatCMU @iTwixie.

When speak up for girls, for ourselves and for each other, our voices amplify to a level the world hears. Let’s raise our voices to a historical level.  #SpeakUp #GenderEquity #11DaysofAction #IDG2016




July Month of Action: See Jane

“If she can see it, she can be it,” said Geena Davis. We agree. This July, let’s take action, in partnership the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media: #SeeJane #IDG2014 #11MonthsofAction.


Why? From 2006 to 2009, not one female character was depicted in G-rated family films in the field of medical science, as a business leader, in law, or politics. In these films, 80.5% of all working characters are male and 19.5% are female, which is a contrast to real world statistics, where women comprise 50% of the workforce.

So all month long, join in the discussion. Take action. We will share statistics, research, and findings that all point to the same action for us all to take: Help girls see it. When they see it, they can be it.

When girls see other girls like themselves doing aspirational things, they see themselves able to do those same things. Together, we can help girls see it, so they can be it. 

Let’s get started! Take action today and join us! Use #SeeJane, #11MonthsofAction and #IDG2014 in your social media answers! Here are 5 ways you can take action with us this July:

1. What inspired you to pursue your work?

2. How do you inspire  girls in your life?

3. Share with us movies, TV shows, books or other entertainment that inspire girls!

4. Answer this: when girls rarely play the heroine or main character in a movie, do you think it makes an impact?



5. Plan to join us for the “See Jane” Twitter Chat on July 11 at 2pm Eastern. We’ll be talking about even more ways for you to take action this month. AND we’ll give away prizes!

For a truly genius way of keeping up on gender in media news, sign up for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media SmartBrief, right here:

Thank you, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media, for this important July Month of Action! We stand with you! Together, we can change the world!

Girls Helping Girls

DAY OF THE GIRL, from iTwixie’s Blogger, Inspire101, 14 years old

Along with Fall, the Day of the Girl is coming up very soon and very quickly! I can’t wait! Last year I had the privilege of joining iTwixie at the Day of the Girl party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Oh my gosh it was so fun! My friend and I went to each station and learned about all of this cool stuff. Continue reading