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I Can Do Anything

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“Girls on the Run taught me that I can do anything!” – 4th grade participant.

Girls on the Run is proud to partner with Day of the Girl Summit to empower and encourage girls to boldly pursue their dreams.

Through a fun, interactive curriculum GOTR inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident. Running is incorporated into our 12 week program and gives our girls a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals.

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We encourage everyone to share in our vision of a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. Together we can teach girls that they are strong, confident and that they can accomplish anything!









Ready to take action towards pursuing your dreams?

Join the conversation by telling us how YOU are activating your limitless potential.


Girls & Sharks! The Final Frontier

It’s time to get smart about sharks!

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The Gills Club is a new group dedicated to connecting girls with female marine biologists in the field, sharing knowledge, and empowering them to take leadership positions and inspire others with their passion for sharks. 

The development of this group stems out of a research collaboration this past summer between the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC, www.atlanticwhiteshark.org) group, a nonprofit committed to raising public awareness about shark conservation as well as raising funds for local shark research, and the research nonprofit OCEARCH (sharkweb.ocearch.com, an organization that provides a platform for local scientists to perform unprecedented research on large oceanic predators. 

This past summer OCEARCH, AWSC, and many shark scientists teamed up to study large great white sharks off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  The migratory and reproductive habits of the white sharks along the eastern seaboard of the United States are poorly understood, as is the case with many other shark species, all over the world.  In order to properly protect and conserve sharks, these are key pieces of information that are critical in creating effective management plans.

During the expedition, through public outreach events, it became obvious that there were many girls, of all ages, who were passionate and knowledgeable about sharks, and verbally excited about meeting female researchers! These girls were quite inspiring, and so, the Gills Club was born! We hope to provide a forum for young girls and older girls, to share this passion, their knowledge, and create an open discussion between these girls and established female shark scientists. 

Sharks are apex predators, which means they play a key role in maintaining a balance within the ecosystems they inhabit.  Increasing evidence shows that with reduced shark population numbers, ecosystem balance is lost, therefore putting local habitats at risk.  At the same time, up to hundreds of thousands of sharks are killed on a global scale, everyday! Together we will raise awareness about sharks, and how young female shark enthusiasts can get on the path to doing their own shark research! Please join us!

Join by emailing name, age, and address to: gillsclub@atlanticwhiteshark.org.


Girls Helping Girls

DAY OF THE GIRL, from iTwixie’s Blogger, Inspire101, 14 years old

Along with Fall, the Day of the Girl is coming up very soon and very quickly! I can’t wait! Last year I had the privilege of joining iTwixie at the Day of the Girl party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Oh my gosh it was so fun! My friend and I went to each station and learned about all of this cool stuff. Continue reading