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Day 5 – High 5 Girl Champions

This year, as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl, Women and Girls Lead Global is all about fives!

On Oct 5th we will #High5 the amazing people, organizations and institutions working to bring girls voices into the spotlight, and we want you to celebrate with us! Tell us why you think girls’ voices are important, and who has helped you amplify your voice. Honor the gender equality champions you admire: #High5 the organizations, role models, and girl heroes that inspire you!girl_connected_1080x1080

In honor of this momentous 5th IDG, and the critical 5th Sustainable Development Goal for Gender Equality, Women and Girls Lead Global is also excited to release the first peek at a beautiful new film about girls: #GirlConnected. Don’t miss the premiere of 5 mini docs about 5 amazing girls from 5 different countries. Truly #Bingeworthy! Like so many girl heroes around the world, these 5 girls are fighting for the rights of all girls to grow into healthy, educated, empowered women.

Girls’ voices are a crucial part of the world’s future, and they are stronger together! Bring your voice to the conversation. Join @womengirlslead for today’s Twitter Chat, 12-2pm ET! #High5 #GirlConnected #IDG2016 #11DaysofAction

Day of the Girl Webcast 2015

On behalf of girls around the world, Happy #IDG2015!
Raise your voice with ours today and every day. We are the International Day of the Girl! Get ready to be inspired by the 2015 International Day of the Girl Webcast:

Thank you to all of our sponsors, partners and all who seek to empower every girl. A special thank you to the Working Group on Girls, Day of the Girl Pittsburgh and all of the amazing contributors to this amazing Webcast. We hope you enjoy a Happy #IDG2015

Together, we are changing the world.

Happy #IDG2015

Day 2: Girls of the Future

What makes you powerful?
What do you think girls will be in the future?

Girls at Bella Abzug Leadership Institute and the Alice Paul Institute have inspirational messages for girls around the world! Let them inspire you to take action and add your voices to theirs!

Today’s Day of Action is all about these two important questions! Just use #whatmakesmepowerful  and #girlsofthefuture and finish these sentences:

#Girlsofthefuture will be___________.
_________ is what #makesmepowerful.

Let’s fill Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with images, videos and messages about what makes us powerful! The world is listening! Let’s raise our voices!

September’s Month of Action: Girls Taking the Lead

NIKON_D5100_20140412_8065This month, we are proud to feature some pretty amazing NJ middle school girls who developed their own Girls’ Leadership Program for girls just like them! 

This four-part program was designed to inspire and challenge girls to take the lead in their lives and in their communities. It was developed in partnership with the Princeton-Blairstown Center: a non-profit organization that has been helping young people build leadership skills for over 100 years. And we are honored to bring their efforts to the IDG Summit for September’s Month of Action.

This week: We dare you to see girls for their strengths!

Step 1: Watch Dare to Discover Yourself and see how these girls learned to overcome their fears while traveling across a tightrope 50 ft above ground!

Step 2: Share one thing that you will do to discover a hidden strength. Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to use #IDG2014 #11MonthsofAction

photo-6Want to learn more? Click Dare to Discover August 2014 FINAL to download a copy of the Dare to Discover Yourself curriculum.


#LikeAGirl Stereotyping or Breaking Barriers?

LikeagirlIf you’ve ever watched a movie or seen an advertisement online, you know that the media relies on stereotypes to deliver their message. Often the same stereotypes are repeated over and over again, so that we become desensitized to their effects and the images start to appear ‘normal’. Yet because media messages are constructed, we have to ask ourselves can these images ever be neutral or objective?

Media literacy gives us the tools to deconstruct the harmful messages and images that media presents as “normal”. When we understand what the media is selling us, then we have the power to talk back to the media and decide which messages are harmful. Media isn’t “just a song” or “just a movie character” and ads don’t just sell us products – they also sell us values and ideas, shaping how we think about and see the world around us. 

tumblr_n85ykm1jxw1qazx76o1_500How can we decode media messages? Here are some simple steps to ‘reading’ media:

  1. Think about who created the message and who is intended to receive it.
  2. Examine how the message was created. What words, images, sounds, or designs are used?
  3. Consider the point of view of the media makers – what are their values and their biases?
  4. Try to uncover the hidden meanings (intended and unintended) in the message.


Another way to decode media messages is to think about:

  • How the image makes you feel? Does the image affect you?
  • Are the messages presented positive or negative?
  • What groups of people does the message empower? or disempower?
  • And what part of the story is not being told?
Special thanks to Day of the Girl Summit in Pittsburgh for this great pic!

Special thanks to Day of the Girl Summit in Pittsburgh for this great pic!

For this week’s action, we challenge you to practice decoding media messages.  Here is how:

  1. Select a media message to decode. It can be a product, advertisement, film, TV show, or music video.
  2. Tell us what bothers you about this image and how you would change it. Or, if it is positive media tell us what you like about the message or image.

For example: Instead of pointing out that the girl in a commercial isn’t doing anything, while the boys play sports. You could point out the problem by stating “Why is the girl just watching the boys play sports? Girls like to play sports, too! #MediaLiteracy #IDG2014”

Don’t forget to use #MediaLiteracy #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction with your responses.

Daisy Bates: Forgotten Heroine of Civil Rights

Daisy Bates was a complex, unconventional, and largely forgotten heroine of the civil rights movement. She led the charge to desegregate the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.



The powerful film, Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock, tells the story of her life and public support of nine black students registered to attend Central High School in 1957.


Watch the trailer.

Learn about Daisy’s story.

Spread the word. Together, girls and women can change the world.


Bhutto: Girl Power Film No. 2

The next feature film in the #SheDocs online film festival and the IDG Summit’s March Month of Action is Bhutto.

bhutto-trailerBhutto tells the story of Benazir Bhutto, the first Muslim woman elected in history to lead an Islamic nation: Pakistan. She broke through the Islamic glass ceiling, stood up for women in her country, and challenged male-dominated politics. As a powerful voice for women’s rights and equality, Bhutto’s story inspires us all to create change in our communities.

Watch the Trailer. Enjoy the Film. Share her story TODAY!

*Note: #SheDocs films are available for free throughout the month of March on womenandgirlslead.org.

Beauty in Truth: Alice Walker – Girl Power Film No. 1

alice4Join us today for the #SheDocs film festival kick-off event, Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth. This powerful film gives audiences an inside look at the life and art of an artist, self-confessed rebel, and human rights activist.

As a powerful American artist, Alice Walker made history as the first African American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize. The film looks at key moments in her life – the people who inspired her and her commitments to social and political activism.

Watch the film TODAY and then join the online conversation on March 3rd at 6:00PM EST with special guests and fans of the film.

Film Trailer: Beauty in Truth

*All #SheDocs films will be available for FREE online through March 31st. Celebrate Women’s History Month with powerful stories from women and girls around the world!

March is the month of Girl Power

March is Women’s History Month and the IDG Summit is proud to partner with ITVS for the #SheDocs online film festival, sponsored by Eileen Fisher, Inc.


Throughout the month of March, #SheDocs will feature 12 documentary films that highlight extraordinary women and girls, and their accomplishments. This month-long festival presents a collection of films by independent film makers that focus on women and girls transforming their lives, their communities and the world!

And the best part, is that you can watch these films for FREE! There is no other online film festival that brings documentary films about women and girls to U.S. online audiences in this way.

Watch the trailer!

Take action this month:

1. Watch the films online at womenandgirlslead.org! Each week, we will spotlight 3 of the feature films.

2. Host a screening with your friends and spread the word.

3. Get inspired and join the movement! Share these inspiring stories of girl power through social media using #SheDocs #11MonthsofAction #IDG2014.

Let’s celebrate the power of girls and women this March! Together, we can change the world.