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Join Us for 11 Days of Action

Follow #11DaysofAction and take action every day, October 1-11, with girls all over the planet as we get ready to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, #IDG2017 October 11!

Just click on today’s Day of Action below and take action now!

October 1

The Working Group on Girls

October 2

October 3

Her Story Campaign

@litworldsayd @globalgirlsGLOW
October 4

FE Iron Madens

October 5

Loretto Community & Society of the Sacred Heart

@LorettoattheUN @RSCJatUN
October 6

Girl Scouts of the USA

October 7

Alice Paul InstituteBella Abzug Leadership Institute

@AlicePaulInstit @AbzugInstitute
October 8

Our Lady of Charity of the House of the Good Shepherd

October 9


October 10

Girls on the Run of Hunterdon, Bucks, and Warren Counties

October 11

Day of Action


Who is Your Girl Hero?

We Need Your Stories by September 1!!!

We’ve extended our deadline and want to hear from YOU!

On October 11, 2017, we will celebrate the 6th annual International Day of the Girl (IDG), and the 5th annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations.

It’s a huge year for girls around the world. That’s why we need YOU!

Think about girls you know and girls around the world and how they are overcoming the unique challenges they face just because they are girls. Then think about what it’s like where you live. Do or girls like you face unfairness just because you are a girl?  How do you deal with it? How do you overcome it?

Then, tell us a story about it. How did you – or a girl you know where you live – handle something unfair, unjust or even experienced a crisis, just because she is a girl.

There are so many unusual challenges girls have to deal with today, from injustice in society, their community and in the workplace, to unfairness in opportunities in education, or gender violence, sexism, war, climate change, and many others. There’s no right or wrong answer here. What’s important is how you define “crisis” or “injustice” and how you or a girl you know dealt with it.

We want to hear YOUR story. Your story will inspire others. Your story is like the story of millions of girls around the world who will be empowered by hearing from you. So tell us your story!

What is IDG
IDG is our day to celebrate girls everywhere – to celebrate our power, our voices, and our unique place in this world. Help us showcase the creative and collective voice of girls everywhere. The leaders of today need to hear from you. Let’s inspire everyone with our stories of girl power — in art, pictures, poetry, songs, video — to showcase the unique role girls play in our world. No girl is alone. And we are stronger when we raise our voices together. That’s why we need your voice!

5th Annual Day of the Girl

We will select a diverse set of bold, funny, sensitive, and powerful, everyday stories from girls to showcase during IDG 2017 on Wednesday, October 11 as part of the 5th annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations in New York City!

Here’s how you can send in your story:

  1. You can send your story as an individual girl, or a story put together by a group of girls — be sure that all of you are between 13-18 years old, and then capture your story!
  2. Tell the whole story in any way you wish –  monologue, a story, a poem, a rant, a piece of visual art, a video, or a song. Be you! Tell us: what happened?
     who was there?
     when was it?
     where were you?
     why did you do what you did?
     who supported you?
     what was the outcome?
  3. Then send it to us! Email it, with the consent form, to: IDGsubmissions@gmail.com
    Include: your name, age, country, and contact information
    Send it no later than Friday, August 18th 11:59PM US EST!

And get this, everyone who submits her work will be featured during the month of October on the DayoftheGirlSummit.org website, in our IDG2017 Webcast, or Shoutout Page! Please make sure your submission is in one of these formats:

Poetry or monologue (maximum 250 words)
Video or song (maximum length of 2 minutes)
Photograph (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels)
Art or graphic design (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels)

Day 10 – Girl Leadership

Girl Scouts
Day 10: Girl Scouts of the USA
What inspired you to become a leader?
When girls embrace their inner leader, there are no limits to what can be accomplished!
#GirlLeaders #LeadLikeAGirlScout
Twitter Chat 1-2pm E1T

For over 100 years, Girl Scouts of the USA has empowered girls to develop leadership skills for the good of their communities and our world. Still, even in 2016, there are girls across the globe whose potential is not being fulfilled because they don’t have opportunities to lead. In fact, 62 million girls worldwide don’t have access to education, let alone leadership programming like that offered by Girl Scouts.

Together, we have the power and responsibility to make sure girls around the world have opportunities to realize their leadership potential, regardless of where they come from.

Together, letcapture’s empower girls to harness their inner leader to make the world a better place for us all.

Today, we are calling on you to identify and embrace your inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ to make a difference in your community.


Here are some actions to take now:

  1. Reflect on your own G.I.R.L. leadership experiences and whether you identify as a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, or leader—or as more than one!
  2. Share a photo on social media showing how you lead like a G.I.R.L., using #IDG2016 and #GirlsforGirls.
  3. Join us for our TWO Twitter Chats! Today – from 1-2pm and tomorrow – on IDG 2016 – from 12:30-2pm! Let’s share exciting ways to encourage others to take the lead!
  4. Join Girl Scouts and live every day as a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader—and make a difference in your world.

Day 9 – Speak Up


Today, add your voice and work to the discussion and showcase of the power of girls when they speak up for themselves and each other. And don’t miss our Twitter Chat from 1pm-2pm. Sponsored by Girls Coalition, PROGRESS and iTwixie @GirlsSWPA @PROGRESSatCMU @iTwixie.

When speak up for girls, for ourselves and for each other, our voices amplify to a level the world hears. Let’s raise our voices to a historical level.  #SpeakUp #GenderEquity #11DaysofAction #IDG2016




Day 8 – Lead Like a Girl

Have you heard about BALI and GAC girls?  New York girls from the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI) and New Jersey girls from the Alice Paul Institute’s Girls Advisory Council (GAC) are joining to bring you a dynamic Day of Action!  And they want to talk about what women’s emerging new leadership possibilities with national and international impact. Today, a woman is running for President of the United States. And, we have a woman seeking to become the new Secretary General of the United Nations. Two key leadership positions may be held by women and their leadership may inspire future generations of women leaders. Learn about what those future women leaders- BALI and GAC girls- think about how women’s representation in key leadership positions will affect them and their futures. 

Day 8: Alice Paul Institute & Bella Abzug Leadership Institute Women and girls can inspire the next generation of leaders!

Join us Saturday, October 8; 10am-2pm on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
bella api#LeadLikeAGirl 

Day 7 – Girls Takeover

To mark this years International Day of the Girl on 11 October, we are setting up girl takeovers in places of power and spaces where girls' voices aren't usually heard. We want to highlight the might of girls and their right to a voice on issues that influence them. More than 150 #GirlsTakeover events are taking place across the globe to demonstrate girls’ strength, power and ability to change the world.

To mark this years International Day of the Girl on 11 October, we are setting up girl takeovers in places of power and spaces where girls’ voices aren’t usually heard. We want to highlight the might of girls and their right to a voice on issues that influence them.
More than 150 #GirlsTakeover events are taking place across the globe to demonstrate girls’ strength, power and ability to change the world.

Day 7: Girls must count and be counted
Sponsored by Plan Global
Girls must count and be counted
#GirlsTakeover 200 Governmental Offices!
#InvisibleGirls #BecauseiamaGirl
Twitter Chat 11am-12pm @PlanGlobal

Girls worldwide are stepping into the shoes of presidents, mayors, head teachers, business leaders and more this International Day of the Girl on 11 October to demand a fair world where girls and boys have equal opportunities.

Day 6 – Solidarity With Girls

Girls Learn International

Day 6: Girls Learn International #SolidarityWithGirls
Tell us how you show #SolidarityWithGirls by Tweeting @girlslearnintl and posting pictures of you and your friends doing the #SolidarityWithGirls photo activity on social media! Invite friends in your network to join in to raise awareness for girls’ rights. #IDG2016 #11DaysofAction

Join our Twitter Chat 4-5pm ET @GirlsLearnIntl @IDG_Summitsoemi-photavath_solidaritywithgirls_photo-activity-1

“I Show #SolidarityWithGirls By…” Photo & Social Media Activity:
Step 1: Download and print the “I show #SolidarityWithGirls by…” poster by going to bit.ly/SolidarityWithGirls or write this phrase on a small chalkboard or dry erase board.

Step 2: Have students around your school fill in their amarisa-sinclair_gli_solidaritywithgirls_photo-activitynswer to the question and take their picture holding their response. Make sure you get their consent to post the photo on social media.

Step 3: From your GLI Chapter or personal Twitter account, upload your #SolidarityWithGirls image and Tweet your photo @girlslearnintl and @IDG_Summit on October 6th.

Step 4: During the Twitter Chat, respond to the questions centered on how you show solidarity, support, and friendship with girls!

Step 5: Post your photos to your Instagram or additional social media accounts for #IDG2016 on October 11th, and don’t forget to tag @girlslearnintl so we can repost them!

Day 5 – High 5 Girl Champions

This year, as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl, Women and Girls Lead Global is all about fives!

On Oct 5th we will #High5 the amazing people, organizations and institutions working to bring girls voices into the spotlight, and we want you to celebrate with us! Tell us why you think girls’ voices are important, and who has helped you amplify your voice. Honor the gender equality champions you admire: #High5 the organizations, role models, and girl heroes that inspire you!girl_connected_1080x1080

In honor of this momentous 5th IDG, and the critical 5th Sustainable Development Goal for Gender Equality, Women and Girls Lead Global is also excited to release the first peek at a beautiful new film about girls: #GirlConnected. Don’t miss the premiere of 5 mini docs about 5 amazing girls from 5 different countries. Truly #Bingeworthy! Like so many girl heroes around the world, these 5 girls are fighting for the rights of all girls to grow into healthy, educated, empowered women.

Girls’ voices are a crucial part of the world’s future, and they are stronger together! Bring your voice to the conversation. Join @womengirlslead for today’s Twitter Chat, 12-2pm ET! #High5 #GirlConnected #IDG2016 #11DaysofAction

Day 4 – Girls Like Us

Happy Day 4 of 11 Dayspartnering-with-girls-at-the-un of Action!

Today, share a photo of you and your mentor creating change in the world! Don’t forget to tag @IDGSummit @NGO_CSW_NY with #GirlsLikeUs #IDG2016 #11DaysofAction.

We need to share our stories — stories about how women support girls. What works? What do you need? What do you want? What works? What might work? Share your ideas!

We want to learn from girls – what do you need from women to support your activism?
How can women and girls work together to create an environment in which the younger generation of girls is supported and empowered?

women-supporting-girlsShare your pictures, stories and ideas on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to tag @IDGSummit @NGO_CSW_NY with #GirlsLikeUs #IDG2016 #11DaysofAction. And don’t miss our Twitter Chat from 11am-12pm ET!




Day 3 – Activate Her Star Power

Welcome to Day 3 of 11 Days of Action! Thank you, Girls on the Run, in Hunterdon, Bucks & Warren, NJ Counties, for your support!

Join us and Activate Her #StarPower!

Today, let’s acknowledge the amazing girls and women who have helped us to activate it, because every girl is #BornToShine! Here’s how:

  • Help a girl or woman to activate her #StarPower today, and tell us about it!
  • Tell us about a time when a girl or woman helped you to blow a cloud away from your Star!

Then join our Twitter chat from 11am – 12pm to share your stories of #StarPower!IMG_0349

Born to Shine: showcasing the ways that girls and women help each other to activate  their Star Power, because we are all #GirlsForGirls!

Girls on the Run of Hunterdon, Bucks & Warren Counties envisions a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.

Here at Girls on the Run, we use a concept called Star Power to help girls to recognize and access that potential.  EIMG_0553very girl has a bright, shining Star inside of herself that makes her unique, strong, and happy.  Negative thoughts, experiences, and obstacles can be like clouds that cover up our Stars and make us feel like less than what we are.  Sometimes, we can activate our Star Power and blow these clouds away on our own, and sometimes we need help.

Let’s activate her #StarPower and share our stories!

Each of us is #BornToShine!

#11DaysofAction, #IDG2016