11 Days of Action

October 6th: Women’s Federation for World Peace, Intl.

Welcome to Day 6 of 11 Days of Action!

Thank you Women’s Federation for World Peace, International (WFWPI) for bringing us together to #EducateGirls2020. 

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WFWPI is committed to empowering girls to become change makers and peace builders in their community, nation, and world. We believe that through education, capacity building, and service girls find their voice as leaders that are mindful of the greater good.


WFWPI takes a bold approach to education of girls. Our 85+ education projects taking place all over the world are holistic, context specific and sustainable, and aim to not just empower the girl through their education alone, but through an intergenerational approach in which the women, men and boys in their communities are also involved. Furthermore, WFWPI believes that empowerment through education requires instruction beyond the academic sphere, and thus we include education in leadership, practical skills, character as well as physical and emotional wellbeing, to foster a strong foundation and fertile environment for the equity of girls.


Below are some examples of WFWPI’s projects around the world:

Korea – Tongil Hae Dream

Korea – Tongil Hae Dream is a program in Korea that educates youth about the necessity of peace and unity on the Korean peninsula. Through this educational program, WFWP aims to empower girls (and boys) to become peace-building leaders by cultivating an awareness of the human rights issues and the need for reunification.


Solomon Islands – The New Hope Kindergarten & Sun Hak Primary School is considered one of the best and only schools for this age group in the area. The school is value and family centered which helps foster an environment of support for the children. Alongside traditional education, the school aims to teach the children to develop their character through sharing, cultivating empathy and understanding, which is an important part of raising adults capable of fostering an equitable and peaceful society.


Russia – Angels of Peace

Russia – The Angels of Peace musical ensemble provides youth with the opportunity to develop their capacity to live for the sake of others through the medium of arts and culture. The ensemble has performed for and participated in international peace-making projects sponsored by WFWP throughout Europe and Asia. Through this, these young leaders are empowered to positively affect the lives of those around them while also becoming educated about a diversity of social issues. 


Venezuela – The Sun Hak Project is a 6-year international music program that equips its students to become professional and socially minded musicians, through a curriculum that includes instruction on entrepreneurship and service leadership as well as musical training in the instrument of their choice. Directed toward at-risk youth from low income areas affected by drugs, gambling and prostitution, the program provides a full scholarship for students under the age of 18, many of whom are.


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