11 Days of Action

October 6th: Women’s Federation for World Peace International

It’s Day 6 of 11 Days of Action! Thank you Women’s Federation for World Peace International for bringing us together to #EducateGirls2019. 

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WFWPI’s goal is to empower girls to become the change makers and peace builders in their community, nation, and world. We believe that through education, capacity building, and service girls can find their voice as leaders that are mindful of the greater good.

WFWPI takes a holistic and tailor-made approach to every project we support. One project we support in Thailand follows this model by addressing the unique and multifaceted challenges of providing education for girls of the Karen tribe. 

  1. WFWP built a dorm to assist students who are unable to travel to school on a daily basis.
  2. WFWP provides scholarships for students through a foster parent program, through which the adult develops a long-term relationship with the student.
  3. WFWP provides a bridge building opportunity between girls of different nations and girls of the Karen tribe to foster an understanding of being a part of one global family.


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