11 Days of Action

October 6th: Quality Education for Girls

October 6th: Quality Education for Girls

Sponsored by Loretto, Justice Coalition of Religious, and Society of the Sacred Heart

October 6 at 9-9:30 a.m. ET, we will hold a Zoom event with girl advocates highlighting the “Drive For Five: A Global Call to Action for the Education of Adolescent Girls” video that was launched by Ireland with their partners: UN Women, Global Partnership for Education, ONE, and the Malala Fund.

Meet Their Girl Advocates:

María Casares is an alumnus of the Sacred Heart School of Mexico City. She has done volunteer work in her country, Mexico, Europe, and Africa. She volunteered at Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece in a women’s empowerment project. In Ethiopia, she worked as a kindergarten teacher and took part in the program against Malnourishment of the mission. Currently, she studies International Relations and wants to focus her career in the areas of Humanitarian Aid and Refugee crisis.

Megal is 17 yrs old. She lives in a small town in India called Malvan. The world-famous Shidhudurga Fort is located on the Malvan coastline. In 2021, it was added to the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Megal is the founder of a small climate activism group in her town. The group’s purpose is to create awareness and educate students and other people about climate change and its solutions. Megal has organized different activities for the group, such as presentations, and 25 Fridays of beach clean-up in the town.


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