11 Days of Action

October 6th: NGOCSW

Welcome to Day 6 of the 11 Day of Action hosted by NGO CSW! Today’s theme and focus is on ending violence against girls, malnutrition and to increase girls access to education.

NGOCSW’s goal is to highlight the intersectionality of these issues and advocate with women and girls around the globe to enforce positive change. Increasing women and young girl’s access to education can help develop a community. Whereas men often leave a community after becoming educated, women are more likely to transfer their knowledge and their financial resources to help inspire and educate younger and older minds in their community. This results in a shifting of gendered beliefs and gender norms, allowing more young women and girls to leave their traditional roles, access resources, and form a career. Thus, as the community develops it can afford to sustain its community members and thus, the likelihood of the community suffering from malnutrition decreases. Furthermore, increasing men, boys, women’s and girls access to sex education can help girls “protect their health, well-being, and dignity.” (United Nations Population Fund). This in turn, can help men and boys be more conscious of their actions and help to reduce violence against young women and girls.

Join us for a Twitter Chat from 11:00am – 12:00pm with @NGO_CSW_NY and learn about the intersectionality of issues like #malnutrition #endviolenceagainstgirls and #qualityeducation, nad how organizations can help create positive change!

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