11 Days of Action

October 5th: Menstrual Health

October 5th: Menstrual Health and Sanitation

Around the globe, girls lack access to basic sanitation, menstrual hygiene products, and knowledge about their period. We need to fulfill #GirlsRightsNow to better menstrual health care and access to health services!

UNFPA explains menstrual health and sanitation as a part of human rights.

“Human rights are rights that every human being has by virtue of his or her human dignity. Menstruation is intrinsically related to human dignity – when people cannot access safe bathing facilities and safe and effective means of managing their menstrual hygiene, they are not able to manage their menstruation with dignity. Menstruation-related teasing, exclusion and shame also undermine the principle of human dignity.

Gender inequality, extreme poverty, humanitarian crises and harmful traditions can all turn menstruation into a time of deprivation and stigma, which can undermine their enjoyment of fundamental human rights. This is true for women and girls, as well as for transgender men and nonbinary persons who menstruate.

Over the lifetime of a person who menstruates, they could easily spend three to eight years menstruating, during which they might face menstruation-related exclusion, neglect or discrimination.”

As a result of discrimination against people who menstruate, women and girls around the world face the following obstacles:

  • Exclusion from public life, including school
  • Barriers to Opportunities
  • Health barriers
  • Heightened vulnerability

Read more about this report here.

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