11 Days of Action

October 3rd: NGO CSW

Welcome to Day 3 of the 11 Days of Action!

Today’s theme focuses on ensuring racial justice for girls. Black and brown girls globally face higher levels of violence, harassment, poverty and often lack access to quality education and healthcare.

How do we address these issues and ensure that black and brown girls aren’t left behind in the fight for #EquityforGirls?

Join us for a Twitter chat at 11am EST to discuss this question, share stories, and brainstorm actions to take to reach #EqualityforBlackandBrownGirls.

Connect with us on:

Instagram: @ngo_csw_ny

Twitter: @ngo_csw_ny

Facebook: NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (facebook.com/NGOCSWNY)

Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #NGOCSW #genderequality #EqualityforBlackandBrownGirls  #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality !