11 Days of Action

October 1st: Working Group on Girls


The Working Group on Girls is excited to be hosting Day 1 of 11 Days of Action!

Today, we are looking at the progress made for girls’ human rights globally and sharing ways to stand up #WithGirlsForGirls

Participate in our Twitter Chat 11am – 12pm ET, @NGOWGG as we remember the story behind #IDG. You can follow along at #IDG2019 #11DaysofAction #WithGirlsForGirls.

You may ask #WhyDayforGirls? It’s because girls voices need to be heard around the world who demand #GirlsRights!

The Working Group on Girls brings girls’ voices and rights to the United Nations. We formed in the lead up to the 4th World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995. So we are coming up on our 25th birthday! As debates took place around the Beijing Platform For Action, we worked to address the needs of GIRLS in the platform. Can you believe it was a struggle just to get #GirlsRights included in the Beijing Platform?! We knew that it was critical to the success of gender equality efforts around the world; so we formed because we knew girls needed to be included! Over the past 25 years we have continued to work #WithGirlsForGirls to ensure that girls and girls’ voices are included at the UN. 


How can girls engage? 

  1. Read the Beijing Platform for Action! We have a #girl friendly version on our website that breaks down all the UN-ese into understandable language. The Beijing Platform for Action in Girl-Friendly language was written by our Girl Advocates so it is #WithGirlsForGirls.
  2. Share with us and with your elected leaders what you think is missing that girls need! Send your thoughts to the UN ambassador from your country and post on social media to keep the conversation going about #GirlsRights on #IDG2019 and for the next year!
  3. Girls are powerful agents of change. Just look at what girls like @GretaThurnberg and @Malala have been able to accomplish! That’s the power of girls!
  4. WGG’s Girl Advocates speak up for girls at the @UN, but that’s something that all girls can do wherever you are in the world! Speak up for your rights and the rights of all girls!