11 Days of Action

October 10th: IBVM and Vivat International

Welcome to Day 10!

“Girls are changing the narrative on climate change and are pushing for urgent action. Tell us about girl activists in your life using the digital space to make a change on climate change.”

Today is sponsored by the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in partnership with  Congregation of Jesus and VIVAT International, a collaborative network of 12 faith-based organizations working in over 139 countries for the promotion of sustainable development and human rights at international and local levels. Through the Commission on the Status of Women, Working Group on Girls, and other forums, we support the Beijing Platform for Action, gender equality (SDG 5), and empowerment of girls and women.

We believe that creation is sacred and must be protected and preserved for present and future generations. The uncontrolled use of natural resources such as forests, land, water, and fisheries has caused distressing changes and unnecessary pressure on the global ecosystem.  Girls are actively participating and showing us the way in the fight for climate justice! We need to support and listen to them. 

  • Educating girls to be more effective stewards of climate action builds resilience and equips girls to steer through the impacts of climate change more effectively. Education opens many doors and allows a diverse selection of economic opportunities to be available to them.
  • We recognize that environmental issues are developmental issues. Without a healthy environment, the earth will not be able to sustain future societies and economies. A sustainable society is an economically and socially safe and stable place for future generations, which helps keep girls in schools, prevents child marriages, and reduces incidences of violence against girls and women.
  • Make space for girls’ rights in national climate strategies. Children and youth need to be at the center of climate change strategies and response plans. Boost gender-responsive climate action, including gender-just climate resilience measures, to ensure the safety of women and girls 
  • Use digital spaces to amplify the messages of grassroots activists and young people. 
  • Make social media a safe and conducive space for girl activists, leaders, and students. Break echo chambers and push social media companies to update their climate disinformation fact-checking policies. 
  • Bridge the digital gender divide to allow more girls to access the internet and use the space for political participation and dialogue with relevant organizations and world leaders. 
  • Promote green consumerism and ban the production, distribution, and sale of all non-essential single-use plastics.
  • Implement the Paris Agreement NOW! Countries are responsible for upholding the Paris Agreement and other environmental treaties and conventions that they have signed for the current and future generations.


The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Congregation of Jesus are present at the United Nations (UN) to promote a more humane, just, and sustainable world. We are a faith-based organization present in over 40 countries. We collaborate with other civil society organizations to challenge injustices and unjust structures by bringing the insights of the people we work with and live with at the UN. Our focus is mainly on Women and Girls within Social Development, Sustainable Development and Human Rights.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a cohesive framework for our ministry, and we focus our energies on education, awareness-raising, and advocacy. Specific areas of involvement:: Gender equity, Elimination of gender violence, Eradication of Poverty, Access to quality education and health, Elimination of trafficking of human persons, Care for the environment, and Financing for development.  

VIVAT International

VIVAT International is a Non-Governmental Organization that has a membership of more than 25,000 Sisters, Brothers, and Priests from 12 Catholic Religious Congregations, working in 139 countries to promote human rights through advocacy at international and local levels while engaging the United Nations procedures and mechanisms.   

We have a vision of the world and every human being as created in goodness and dignity. We believe, defend and proactively support the equality in rights and dignity of all individuals, peoples, and cultures.  Our presence at the UN envisages attaining a world of equality, justice, reconciliation, peace, and care of the environment.

Based on our firm belief in the inherent dignity of all of creation, we are committed to the full empowerment and development of both women and men. Women and girls are a strong force, and their contribution to building a healthy society is immense. It is an essential human right that all women and girls’ fundamental dignity and equality must be ensured. Their inclusion and participation in the decision-making must be enhanced in social, political, economic, religious, and other structures and systems.

VIVAT International’s work is centered on the international level to eliminate violence against women and girls, one of the most pervasive and brutal forms of discrimination that they experience.

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