11 Days of Action

October 10th: Ex Saker Students Association (ExSSA) USA

It is Day 10 of the #11DaysofAction hosted by members of Ex Saker Students Association (ExSSA) USA fondly known as Sakerettes. We are glad to bring everyone together to invest in the education of the girl child.

We are a group of dynamic professional women who bonded as sisters at Saker Baptist College, a leading all-girls boarding secondary school in Cameroon, central Africa. As Sakerettes, we know first-hand what happens when parents, guardians, communities and governments invest in the girl child.  Our parents and guardians made huge financial sacrifices so we could not only get an education but also get it from a reputable school. Most of them defied traditional cultural practices that frowned on educating the girl child. They knew that education would give us economic independence so we could reach our full potential as human beings. Not surprising our alumnae association believes that empowering women and girls, providing them with educational and economic opportunities, and securing their health and human rights is essential in eliminating poverty and achieving social justice in Cameroon and beyond. For us, empowering girls also translates to enhancing their living and learning environment as well as improving their overall well-being. As such, our activities in the past include offering tuition scholarships to girls in Saker who are intelligent but lack the financial support, renovating college dormitories, updating science labs, providing sanitary kits to girls and more. However, our focus is not limited to Cameroon, we also seek to make an impact in the United States where most of our donors reside. Consequently, our organization has designated the second Saturday of April as our “Impact Day.” On this day, all ExSSA chapters in the USA volunteer their services in their local community. As part of our “Impact Day” initiative, our members have volunteered their time and/or financial resources to the following local organization like Safe Haven shelter for women Tx, Houston Methodist Hospital, University of medicine & dentistry NJ, Calvary children’s home GA, NIH Children’s hospital, Feed my starving children in MN & IL, Los Angeles Christian Health Center, LA and many more

In order to continue empowering the girl child, we must continue empowering ourselves. Thus, we have an ongoing personal and professional development program for women in our organization. As the saying goes, “when you empower a woman, you empower a nation.”  Our motto is LOVE. UNITY. SISTERHOOD (LUS). We believe that to fulfill our vision and our mission, we need to tap into this trifecta of values. Yes, love breeds unity and unity links women in a resourceful sisterhood that empowers other women and the girl child.  

We call on everyone to join us as we celebrate, validate and empower the girl child. Let us tap into all the resources available to highlight HER value.  Be a resource in this effort. An empowered girl becomes an empowered woman.

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Join us to effect change. You can actively do so today by committing to the following:

  • If you or your organization is presently, investing in the education of under privileged girls in Cameroon or any other African country share photographs of your activities or beneficiaries with us on twitter.
  • Are you a woman who has been empowered by education? Please retweet our posts and share your word of wisdom.  
  • Do you want to help provide tuition scholarships to girls in need in Cameroon? Donate today to ExSSA USA. www.exssa-usa.org/donate