Day 9

Pose, Pose, Pose
Let’s Celebrate Bodies of ALL Shapes and Sizes
H&M offers plus-size clothing to their customers- but no mannequins modeling these fashions. We want to change that. It’s important for girls young and old to see all types of bodies represented while they shop, because as we all know, there is not one size of beautiful. Bodies of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated.

uKfbaTWhhuWHewF-556x313-noPadWe are organizing live demonstrations to take place at H&M stores all over the world on October 9th. Girls (plus boys and grown ups – all are welcome!) are going to go to the stores and become the mannequins we want to see. We need girls everywhere, of every size, shape and color to be a part of this action- it can’t happen without you!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how you can be a part of this action:

Step 1: Find an H&M store near you: Here’s a store locator that can show you the locations of all H&M stores in the United States. If there isn’t one located in your area, you can also do this action at other stores that sell clothing using mannequins!

Step 2: Tell your friends, peers and family: Bring along people willing to help you with the action by taking photos on smartphones and even directly participating themselves. Remember – everyone can take part, whether you are plus-size or not! This is about showing H&M that everyone cares about positive body-image, because a healthier attitude towards it will benefit everybody.

Step 3: Pose, pose, pose!: Time for what the frozen-mannequin demonstration is all about – stand still in your chosen position, camera ready, and have your friend take pictures of your “mannequin” self. Be prepared to explain to people what you are doing; you may even spark a trend in your local store!

Step 4: Upload your pictures to Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram: Using our official hashtags (#HandMmannequins) & #IDG2013 and tag @hm so H & M knows this is important to you and definitely tag @SPARKsummit and @DayofGirlSummit so we can add your photo to our gallery.

Step 5: Share your photos on social media channels, with a caption or explanation documenting your participation and why it’s personally important to you!

That’s all there is too it! Now, get out there and get posing!