October 28, 2019 •

Laxmi, age 15

Let me do ….

Let me fly in the sky

I want to see the world

Where people are discriminating beautiful girl souls


Let me have chance to change this world

I want to make girls strong and bold


Let me prove we are the best and good

Our right is to get education and health food


Let me be a change of agent

I want to show girls capability and patience


Let me be a leader

I want to make rule

For girls to get freedom and all girls to go school


Let me raise my voice I want to save the girls right

To make girls confident and free from any fights


Let me shine like the star

I want to remove darkness for people’s mind

And to bring brightness soon to make everything fine.


Let me show my power

I want to take gender equality in my society

For the girls to take their decision rightly!!!!