October 28, 2019 •

Jane, age 15

This is my story, the story of a young African girl.

With tears I narrate the ill fortunes that betide me only because I am born the way I am; a Girl

Who will listen to me? Who will believe me? Who?

For centuries, my likes have crossed this part yet no light seems to appear at the end of the tunnel.

In my country Nigeria, the believed to be giant-of-Africa, girls are accepted into the families as second fiddle at best but in most cases a curse, while our counterparts (the male) are heralded, hailed and pampered with all the pleasures they could afford. Under these circumstances, the girl does not have a right to be respected and protected but subjected to much torture and humiliation under the guise of systems, traditions and customs.

Imagine coming from a family of four all girls the kinds of humiliation and stigma, we including our parents have to pass through. Million thanks to my father who never considered the challenges but had to sponsor us to the best schools he can afford. This is the reason why today, I can join my fellow girls worldwide to air my view.

Let the beauty of your nature not fade away by the contrary circumstances surrounding you. The women in other climes have done it, we also can do it. Don’t forget that we have been the reason for the success of man.

The secret of success is to face our challenges squarely, appreciate ourselves and possess the power to determine to succeed.