The 11 Days of Action leading up to IDG2013 brought girls, organizations and companies together in a powerful way. Just click on any of these days to see the great work that’s being done to help the world recognize that Girls’ Rights are Human Rights. Feeling inspired? You can get involved right now! Just check out what’s happening this month, as part of the 11 Months of Action leading up to IDG2014! You could win a pair of UGG Boots!

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Girls on the Run
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4th Day of Action
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Sage Girl
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Day 11: All Day Webcast featuring over 50 Worldwide partners and sponsors of the 2013 Day of the Girl Summit

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Every time YOU participate in one of the 11 Days of Action, you will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of UGG Boots!


So be sure to check back for more details regarding the 11 Days of Action topics, challenges and activities. Together we are changing the world!¿Hasta donde llegarías para defender tu derecho a la educación? Malala, la joven Pakistaní que casi muere por defender su derecho a educarse, habla sobre la necesidad de que todas las niñas del mundo puedan ir a la escuela. Siga el evento en vivo vía Twitter @BancoMundial con las etiquetas #askMalala y #IDG2013 #askMalala #educación #género #IDG2013UN for peace #IDG2013 security councilLight the lights! @freidapinto joins our #bcimagirl ambassadors in lighting the @EmpireStateBldg pink fire #IDG2013A very relevant #tbt, amazing to meet @JenSiebelNewsom at Brescia last year #IDG2013 #MissRepRemember, whatever country you live in makes up the entire world! What goes on in other countries affects us some way or another! Let's stand up for the WORLD! AIM TO MAKE IT BETTER! Let's put a stop to injustices facing girls worldwide! #IDG #IDG2013 #11daysofaction STAND UP FOR GIRLS STARTING TODAY! Do your part!!! Let's change how girls are treated worldwide! HOW CAN WE CHANGE THIS! Well become the change! Be brave enough to stand up and speak out!!!! The world cannot change by you wishing it would!!!! #weempower #weendpoverty #weempoweryouths @glblctzn @cottononfoundation #globalcitizen One way to end poverty is giving girls the opportunity and chance to gain an education! Please go see GIRL RISING at @gathrfilms this film will open up your eyes! In the comfort of your own home you are far from reality! In the comfort of your own home you can pass any judgement! Girls are valuable! Girls are worth it! Girls are change! Join me if you want, but either way I will fight for the rights of ALL girls! We have what it takes!!! Just give us one pen, one book and watch us ignite with our soul on fire #girlrising #girlrisingmovement #girlrisingambassador #fightingfortherightstoeducategirls #girlpower #WEAREGIRLRISING #india #peru #sierreleone #afghanistan #haiti #cambodia #nepal #ethiopia #egypt #jamaica #dmv #educationisimportant #education #womanonamission #womanwithpurpose #chimeforchange #globalcitizen @halftheskymovement @unfoundation @chimeforchange @girlupcampaign @ushersnewlooktomorrow!!!! #DayOfTheGirl #IDG2013Jaya lost both her parents when she was little. She was shuttled around, living with various relatives, including one who worked as a prostitute and already had five children of her own. With our help, Jaya is in a safe house where she is free to learn and grow. She is a talented dancer and has a flair for performing. She’s also intelligent and studies very hard.  Jaya can’t decide whether she wants to be a medical doctor or a pilot when she grows up. If such hope shines for Jaya, it can shine for others. #hopeshines #IDG2013 #dayofthegirlInternational Day of the Girl Quote. IDG is tomorrow!! #IDG2013 #girlrisingOur pennies for IDG is half way there!!! Yipeeeeee my kids are creating change for girls worldwide!Tomorrow young girls of Buffalo, NY will meet SUMA for the very first time. We are #sharingherstory #IDG2013 #girlrisingPACE Jacksonville knows girls are #smart and #beautiful! #idg2013 @girlslearnintlDezeray knows that today is all about Education and girls! PACE Jacksonville believes in girls! #idg2013 @girlslearnintlPACE Center for Girls Jacksonville is excited to participate in the day of the girl! #idg2013 @girlslearnintlTamaria is excited for #idg2013 @girlslearnintlOur girls are excited for #idg2013 @girlslearnintl #pacecenterforgirlsjax@girlslearnintl #idg2013 #pacecenterforgirlsjax