Girls Speak Out

Register to attend the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations on Wednesday, October 11the 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Click here to register through Eventbrite! 

Help Make the Girls Speak Out #GirlsSpkOut event at the United Nations, HERSTORICAL!

We want to hear from you! Come tell your story on October 11, 2017 as we will celebrate the 5th annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations. It’s a huge year for girls around the world. That’s why we need YOU!

Your story will inspire others.

Your story is like the story of millions of girls around the world who will be empowered by hearing from you. So tell us your story! We will select a diverse set of bold, funny, sensitive, and powerful, everyday stories from girls to showcase during IDG 2017 on Wednesday, October 11 as part of the 5th annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations in New York City!

Here’s how you can send in your story:

  1. You can send your story as an individual girl, or a story put together by a group of girls — be sure that all of you are between 13-18 years old, and then capture your story!
  2. Tell the whole story in any way you wish –  monologue, a story, a poem, a rant, a piece of visual art, a video, or a song. Be you! Tell us: what happened?
     who was there?
     when was it?
     where were you?
     why did you do what you did?
     who supported you?
     what was the outcome?
  3. Then send it to us! Email it, with the consent form, to:
    Include: your name, age, country, and contact information
    Send it no later than Friday, August 18th 11:59PM US EST!

And get this, everyone who submits her work will be featured during the month of October on the website, in our IDG2017 Webcast, or Shoutout Page! Please make sure your submission is in one of these formats:

Poetry or monologue (maximum 250 words)
Video or song (maximum length of 2 minutes)
Photograph (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels)
Art or graphic design (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels)

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32 thoughts on “Girls Speak Out

  1. sylvia

    I would like to attend how do I go about purchasing tickets. I have produced Miss Canada and Miss teen canada for 18yrs, we r the largest scholarship event of its ind in Canada. We inspire, encourage and lift up young girls to believe in their self and follow their dreams.

  2. Lynne Haines

    I cried happy tears when I watched the video of the 3rd annual Girls. I wrote and self published Flowing, A Guide to Conscious Menses; a book revealing the importance of menses to girls and women worldwide. Menses is the crux of our femininity; it is our world wide common ground; we all become women when menses begins. I advocate celebrating this important initiation as an empowering opportunity for girls and women. I founded an online sorority for women The CM Sorority with the hope that it can become a platform for all women to stand on in solidarity for Girls and Women and Human rights issues. It is ready for anyone interested to use as they see fit to support raising the consciousness of Girls and Women. Check it out at: I welcome your personal response and suggestions on how to develop this further. Especially older women who support what these brave young women are doing. Lynne Haines

  3. Stacey Pilson

    Would have liked to have known in advance. Live in NYC. Have today off work. Watching online is better than nothing. Go Girls! Go Girl Scouts!

  4. Cashelle Dunn

    Looking forward to attending! Have come from Australia to represent the WWDA Youth Network and other young women and girls with disabilities in Australia, and share the event with them!

  5. Davinia James

    When will those who registered to attend Girls Speak Out know about attending? I’m very excited about it!!!

  6. Temilolu Okeowo

    I am a Nigerian lady who runs a non-profit organisation for girls called the Girls Club of Nigeria which is raising a voice for the Nigerian girl. I write weekly articles in Nigeria’s prominent newspapers while I go to schools, market places, slums and riverine areas to talk to the girls and empower them on how to survive in a male-dominated society like ours amongst other topics. I am so excited about this year’s summit on the girls and I can’t wait to be there. I plan to come along with a friend who lives in New York. How do I register her please?

  7. Amy Odom

    For the second year in a row, Woods Charter School will be celebrating the International Day of the Girl Summit at the United Nations. We are super excited to be making this trip and adding our voice for social change for girls around the world!

  8. LadyPamela Damon

    I am super excited to have finally received news of the IDG summit. I am the founder and Director of 2 girl focused groups: Young Ladies of Character in Queens, NY and our newest chapter” Flawless Girlz” ages 7-19.
    The summit will open my girls mind and eyes to the experiences and struggles of other girsl around the world. This will I hope have the girls start to become active in impacting the lives of their sisters here and worldwide.

    Is it too late for the girls to summit an essay or other materrials.

    We can’t wait to become involved in this summit. I know this is just the beginning for our girls.
    Please keep us updated on the activities surrounding the IDG Summit.

  9. Ann Hewitt

    I am particularly interested in how we can help migrant woman and families as they struggle to find safety and build new futures .

  10. Hilary Dayton Busch

    My twin daughters have started their own organization to help girls in Afghanistan. They absolutely want to attend the Day of the Girl Summit at the UN this year on October 9.

    We live in the Tristate area. Please let us know as soon as possible how we can get tickets for this event.

    1. emilycbent

      We will have registration open by September 11th! Stay tuned – we would love to have you attend the IDG Girls Speak Out at the UN

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  13. Stephanie Caspersz

    I am a grade 10 student. I know alot of my girl friends and I want to make a difference in the world around us. We live in Oakville Ontario Canada and i watched a show that showed girls suffering in the world especially because they did not know a way od defending themselves. We want to be their voices and do what we can to make their lives better.
    I want to do a fund raiser at my school and i want to know if somebody can help me get started. Please send me some info to get started thank you

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  17. Rebecca Gaynier

    Claudia from Mozambique says that she congratulates all girls for their good work. She encourages girls. She’s amazing.

  18. Rebecca Gaynier

    It’s gratifying to hear from so many global groups, a true appreciation and sense of commitment to support girls as they seek to make changes #GirlsSpkOut

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