We hope you celebrated with us for the 2015 International Day of the Girl! And we invite you to stay tuned! IDG is a movement, not just a day!

Keep up with the IDG Summit Signature Initiatives below. We invite you to add your voice to ours! We need you!

International Day of the Girl Webcast 

On October 11th, we present a webcast featuring IDG shout-outs, girl power commercials, celebrations and activities from around the globe. IDG Summit Webcast aims to help build solidarity among girls no matter where they live, and to engage girls in the conversation in support of Girls’ Rights.

2015 Girls Speak Out – On October 9th, we presented the 3rd Annual Girls Speak Out at the United Nations. The event brought over 650 girls together and was hosted by the Working Group on Girls, with tremendous support from the missions of Canada, Peru and Turkey and in collaboaration with UN Women, and UNICEF. You can watch the event in its entirety, right here:

Girls Speak Out 2015
The 2015 Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations was held on October 9, 2015. You can watch it right here! Feel free to leave your messages, comments, and other supportive shout outs in the comments section below.

The 3rd Annual Girls Speak Out at the United Nations! To understand the theme for 2015, the Working Group on Girls and IDG Summit Community ask you to use your imagination, as we set the stage for the most imaginative Girls Speak Out event, ever: The year is 2065. Girls hold all leadership positions at the United Nations. More than half of the governmental positions in countries around the world are held by girls. Girls’ rights are honored, respected and the global economy is booming. Why? How did this happen? What was the event that changed everything?

10612967_10204923135583942_3160607481910758857_nThe 3rd Annual Girls Speak Out at the United Nations was one of the greatest celebration of girls, girl power, and the unique roles girls play in our world.

Witness the work of girls from all over the world who have collaborated create a powerful message for the  2015 Girls Speak Out! You won’t want to miss it!

Girls will perform poetry, monologues, songs and  stories about ideas that need to be shared, conversations that needed to be started, and good things that we all need to continue. Anita at SPK Out

Register to attend the Girls Speak Out today!

 Together, we can change the world! #IDG2015 #GirlsTakeover #GirlsSpkOut

11 Days of Action Campaign – The 11 Days of Action Campaign runs each October 1 through October 11. The Campaign addresses some of the key impediments to gender equality and girls’ human rights with each day focused on a different topic or area of concern. Each Action Day is sponsored and invites global participation to promote social change around the world. The 11 Days of Action campaign builds momentum to the Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations, and culminates into a global celebration on October 11.

For 2015, our discussion included a Global Day of Action, on October 10, which sought to continue the rich, engaging global discussion about Girls Rights as begun via the Girls Speak Out. We hosted a Global Vote between Girls’ Rights issues to identify the most pressing issue facing girls today. What resulted was a vibrant representation of the many issues at play around the world, with a huge battle cry in support Girls Education around the world. We want to thank our Global Day of Action sponsors for taking the lead and actively participating in this public discussion to bring attention to the many unique hurdles girls face around the world.

The First, Ever, IDG Thunderclap! Happy #IDG2015
This year, the IDG Summit Community came together to create a global Thunderclap!
At 11am on 10/11/15, girls, women, boys, men, sponsors, partners and members of the IDG Summit community, signed up to bring nearly a quarter of a million people together to share our Happy #IDG2015 message. Together, we helped #IDG2015 to reach over 7 million people! Did you hear it?

IDG Summit-Hosted Twitter Chats
The IDG Summit Team hosts engaging Twitter Chats to build global community interest in the IDG Movement. For #IDG2015, #SeeUs, #HearUs #JoinUs #GirlsTakeover became our prominent hashtags to amplify our signature campaigns: #11DaysofAction, #GirlsSpkOut and #IDG2015. We encourage and invite all girls and girl-serving organizations to participate in our ongoing Twitter Chats throughout the year. Add your voice to the conversation. We are louder, when we raise our voices together!

Together, we can change the world.