May 26, 2014 •

How to Deal with Bullying: Tip #3

REALgirl® Tips to Deal with MEANgirls & Bullies

Slideshow-1Tip #3 – Commit to and uphold the REALgirl® Pledge of Sisterhood. One of the main causes of MEANgirl behavior is the misguided belief that girls and women need to be in competition with one another. In order to stop MEANgirl behavior, girls must start recognizing one another as allies, not enemies. You can do your part by committing to and upholding the following pledge:

“I pledge to treat others and myself as I wish to be treated, to support other girls in being their best selves and to speak up whenever I see MEANgirl behavior.”

Did you take the REALgirl Pledge? Tell us why YOU think it is important to end mean girl behavior. Join the conversation!

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