May 15, 2014 •

How to Deal with Bullying: Tip #1

The IDG Summit team is proud to partner with REALgirl Programs to change mean girl behavior.  Together, we can change the world for girls!

2012StopBullyingLogoREALgirl® Tips to Deal with MEANgirls & Bullies

Tip #1 – Remember: It’s not about YOU. Remember the reason the MEANgirl or bully is doing what she or he is doing. It’s never really about you. Anything they are saying or doing is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. This doesn’t make their behavior acceptable but holding on to this thought will help you hold on to your power and avoid being convinced that there is something wrong with you.

Tell us what you have done to end bullying in your school. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #realgirlsunite #alliesnotenemies

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