September 8, 2014 •

Girls Show Us How to “Connect to Courage”

NIKON_D5100_20140412_7589In all of our communities, there are people who inspire us to do more! Last week, we found strength in ourselves and now, we find inspiration in the girls who push us to be more courageous, daring, and to take the lead for change.

This week, we want you to be courageous and to learn about yourself as a leader. You can follow our lead as we show you how to cooperate as a team, problem solve, and compromise. In this video,  you will see that we used low rope activities to develop our leadership skills because they required us to be effective communicators and quick thinkers.

Here is our Call to Action: Be Courageous Leaders! 

Step 1: Watch Connect to Courage and see how we learned to work as a team of leaders.

Step 2: Tell us how you are courageous in your everyday life! Share your courageous acts on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to use the #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction



PS – To show just how much we learned about teamwork and leadership, we also build a raft out of a few bare essentials (just for fun!). Want to learn how? Check out Connect to Courage. Leading Teams August 2014 FINAL for the full downloadable curriculum.



  • Chandni says:

    I am courageous because I try to venture out of my comfort zone every day. Talking to new people, raising my hand even though I might be wrong, asking questions that might seem “dumb”, or joining clubs that I might not be used to: in all these things, it takes courage. It seems to be working so far, though!

  • Ping says:

    I’m courageous to speak up with my own opinion. Other than following the crowd, it may be harder to have a different opinion sometimes and it needs courage to speak up.

  • Ritz says:

    I am courageous in my everyday life when I talk to people that I don’t know. For example, I don’t know what they could be like or what they will think of me. However, I still try to be friendly and start a conversation with new people.

  • PJ says:

    I’m courageous each time I speak in front of crowds. It takes a lot of self-talk to get up and do it. I used to shy away but with practice, I got better at it!