September 16, 2013 •

Girls Helping Girls

DAY OF THE GIRL, from iTwixie’s Blogger, Inspire101, 14 years old

Along with Fall, the Day of the Girl is coming up very soon and very quickly! I can’t wait! Last year I had the privilege of joining iTwixie at the Day of the Girl party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Oh my gosh it was so fun! My friend and I went to each station and learned about all of this cool stuff. We also really loved the atmosphere. It was great being somewhere that wasn’t exactly, but felt like it was, for you. Knowing that there are a under-privileged young women out there made me feel extra helpful, by raising awareness of unfair laws and sexist governments. We can help our fellow girls and women get the rights they deserve. So, with this next Day of the Girl party coming up, I hope to join in again! I think it might be even better than the last one, and hope that we can do even more to help our sisters all throughout the world this year! Show your support and participate in your local events, the iTwixie celebration of THE DAY OF THE GIRL and DAY OF THE GIRL SUMMIT!