October 11, 2014 •

Girls & Family

All Over Again, By: Shirleyka, Haita and USA

Unknown-1The day before my departure from Haiti was my mom’s birthday. My mother became pregnant and gave birth to my baby brother two months after the earthquake devastated my country. Just as I started to bond with my baby brother, I had to move to New York. My dad wanted me to come live with him here so he could get to know me better. I’d only seen him one time since I was four years old.

The afternoon before I left, my mom’s forehead was creased all day long, signaling her unhappiness. By the look on her face, I could tell that that was her saddest birthday. My youngest and coolest aunt, Eleanor pulled me aside and told me that while I was away saying goodbye to my friends, my mom had burst out in tears. “Alright boo! I’ll try to calm her down.” I replied as I headed for the living room.

I spoke to my mom, trying to calm her down, but I ended up crying too. Now that we were going to be apart, the time seemed to fly by so fast. I had never felt that emptiness ever in my life before. I went to bed that night with a terrible headache and a sticky face. My mom came and sat beside me on the bed quietly. She did not say anything, not even a word, so I just lay face down on my pillow.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sobbing sound of my mother next to me. “You haven’t gotten any sleep at all!” I exclaimed. From that moment on, everything my mom said just broke my heart more and more. Whenever I looked at her, I felt like someone was pulling my heart out of my chest. I became paralyzed from internal pain for a moment.

UnknownThe next morning, we got ready to go to the airport. I went to say bye to my grandma, aunties, and cousins. The moment had finally arrived for me to depart. My mom and I got into the car that picked us up to go to the airport. When we arrived at the airport, at the entrance, we embraced each other. She said, “I will always adore you, my baby!” I looked deep into her eyes and replied, “I know mom! I will love you for infinity!” She managed to give me a smile, despite her sadness. I smiled back, trying to restrain the tears forming in my eyes. When I got to my gate, all I did was cry, recalling childhood memories with her. I remembered her teaching me how to cook in the kitchen. I remembered us eating ice cream on the beach, and joking around.

Four hours later, I finally woke up when the plane was landing. The view of New York from the plane was magnificent. Lights were shining everywhere and the ocean bordered the land so delightfully. That’s when I first saw the city that never sleeps. I was so amazed by the view. That was the best memory of my journey. I saw the city in which I would be starting my new life, for the worse or the better. New York would be my new home, my new territory to pursue my dreams and build a future.