First Day of Action: Tell the UN Your Ideas

Day 1: The Working Group on Girls

October 1

TELL THE UNITED NATIONS WHAT YOU THINK! Ready to tell the United Nations how YOU think they can help make the world better for girls? When you do, you could win a pair of UGG Boots, too! Here’s how:

Step 1: Take the MY World survey and choose which topics help make a better world for girls. We will share your input with world leaders to help set the next UN Global Development Agenda.

Step 2: As part of the MY World survey, you can add your own entry. Be sure to add “Girls” and help get Girls on the Agenda.

Step 3: Now, tell us how YOU would change the world for girls! Just write your idea below. With each idea, you’ll get entered for a chance to win one of 11 pairs of UGG boots! Prize winners will be announced on October 12th. So be sure to write in your ideas by midnight of October 11th!

Thank you for adding YOUR POWERFUL VOICE.

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15 thoughts on “First Day of Action: Tell the UN Your Ideas

  1. Liz Ward

    I would change the world for girls by ensuring all men respect the dignity, worth and presence of all women. When we are able to do this and only then, will we see gender equality and the proper existence of human rights. I would change the world by making sure that those responsible for the practice of female genital mutilation understand the gruelling effects that the agonising procedures has on girls and ensure they gain respect for all women.

  2. Francis Ojok Ojara

    Together we can make a different in the life of youths(girls), by restoring hope in their life,
    I am a francis but i have a group of girls who we share our ideas some who are HIV positive. what prompt me to deal with girls was the way i see how some men handle girls, they take them as property but not human, therefore i will fight for them so that the community realize that everybody has equal rights and opportunities in the society, therefore the world should help me

  3. Emily

    I am going to mentor and support a girl as she discovers who she is, be a part of her connection with the world and support her dreams.

  4. Ashley

    I want people, especially males to stop thinking of our stance on feminism as “annoying” or “pointless because females are already treated equally.” I want it to be known that feminism has strong purpose and goals based on the reality of unfair treatment of girls and women in your neighborhood and around the world.

    I want our voices to be heeded and supported.

  5. christina

    I want to have girls & women go to school for free here in the U.S. I am not able to go to the school I want and go in the summer since it is not covered. I also want to have some type of program that focuses on teaching technology, finance, media literacy, real nutrition in one. And, actual sexual and reproductive right education to have women control their bodies.

  6. Mimosa

    All girls of reproductive age should have access to comprehensive sex-education and and a variety of free, easy to get contraceptives and regular reproductive care.

  7. Rachel

    All women should have the right to an education. When women are educated, they respect themselves more and as a result, they gain more respect from others. They begin to see themselves as valid members of a community.

  8. Christine Verber

    Make god a woman.
    Girls/Women create the future population..
    Girls/Women are 54% of the world’s people.
    Girls/Women must be be 54% of the decision-makers.
    Girls/Women must be officially registered at birth.
    Girls/Women think differently than boys/men.

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  11. Rebecca Gaynier

    Girls have ideas that will shock the world and bust stereotypes. When girls know that their ideas will be respected, will inspire action and are taken seriously, they will be better able to share them. These ideas, when communicated by girls, for girls and to girls, can have an exponentially positive impact on girls everywhere. This is the reason why we challenge iTwixie girls to join in on a broad range topics, from STEM to the fashion trends; entertainment to sports; getting strong to the latest great recipe. It’s all about getting girls to authentically represent their ideas and make an impact.

  12. Emily

    I voted for girls to be included in the UN priorities for a better world. Girls can be the voice of change and at Sage Girl, we believe in the wisdom, power, and strength of girls everywhere!

  13. Carmel

    All girls should have access to quality education. Girls should have the right and the opportunity to stay in school. They should not be married. They should not be trafficked. They should not be kept at home.

  14. Julia W.

    I believe we can change the world for girls. We should be treated as equals to men and boys. Girls deserve an education. We deserve to be able to do what we’re good at. Whether it’s sports, negotiation, whatever it is, we should be allowed to do it, if we choose to.