January 15, 2014 •

End Human Trafficking this January

This January, the IDG Summit joins the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking to raise awareness about trafficking at the Super Bowl.  Join us and take action TODAY!

HTC_image1What is human trafficking? And how does it impact girls?

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. It is a rapidly growing criminal industry that ’employs’ thousands of girls and boys around the globe in dangerous and damaging work. During large sporting events, like the Super Bowl, there is often an increase in the numbers of girls trafficked for prostitution.

It is time to STOP the trafficking of girls. Let’s start with the Super Bowl.

htchallenge7Here’s how:

1. Join the #HTChallenge: a social media campaign that will take place leading up to and on the day of the Super Bowl to spread the message of abolishing modern day slavery. Share #HTChallenge images and information about why you want to end human trafficking TODAY.

2. Post, Post, Post! Starting NOW until the Super Bowl, post the images and tweets from the NJ Coalition. The goal is to increase the number of posts as the Super Bowl gets closer and closer.

Here are some sample tweets and posts to share:

  • The FBI estimates 100,000 children are at risk in #NJ because of the #SuperBowl. Do your part: Take the #HTChallenge! #IDG2014
  • Trafficking is about exploitation! #EndTrafficking and join the #HTChallenge to end #violencevsgirls! #IDG2014
  • “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank #HTChallenge #IDG2014
  • “It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity.” – President Barack Obama #HTChallenge #EndTrafficking #IDG2014
  • Girls have the right to safety and security. #EndTrafficking TODAY #HTChallenge #IDG2014

Remember to use the hashtags #HTChallenge or #HalftimeChallenge with all of your posts.

3. Talk! On Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd, talk to your friends and family about ending human trafficking. Encourage them to spread the word, take the #HTChallenge, and join the movement to STOP trafficking.

Together, we can change the world! #IDG2014