Eleventh Day of Action: Happy Day of the Girl!

In celebration of the second annual International Day of the Girl, join us for a day-long webcast, featuring over 50 Worldwide partners and sponsors of the 2013 Day of the Girl Summit. Cheers to the power of girls around the world!


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2 thoughts on “Eleventh Day of Action: Happy Day of the Girl!

  1. kidist

    dear all Day of the Girls summit,

    i am very much happy to know all about you and be part of you to participate .its big deal on gender equality to be solved those problems . we start to fight for the freedom. and we get much experience from you .lets us stay together and make abetter world to live.

    thank you ,

  2. Anita Pandit

    I am a girl and i am changing myself to be a part to change current situation of girls and women in the world.