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We hope you enjoyed a fantastic and inspiring 2013 International Day of the Girl. Thank you again for your participation and support of the advancement of Girls’ Human Rights.
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Welcome to the Day of the Girl Summit WebcastUN Women Stand With GirlsGirls are Taking ActionTogether, We Can Change the WorldBeing Girl Means You Have StrengthThrow Back to the WorldBeing a Girl Means the World Needs MeDay of the Girl Summit Girls Speak Out at the United Nations

Being a Girl Means Every Girl Around the World Can Pursue Her Dreams

We Are the Day of the Girl Summit! Thank You!


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49 thoughts on “Day of the Girl Webcast

  1. witness

    I like the Being a girl as I am starting an organization focusing on the girl child as well.i have passion for the girls as they are being neglected in the society at large.

  2. Banvo Shonti

    Women are nation builders. Because when you educate a boy, you educate only one person. When you educate a girl , you educate the entire family and the nation. Join fight against gender iñequality.

  3. Blessing Eko

    A girl child is like a field ready to be cultivated, as a farmer (mother or guardian) who loves his farm will start early using all needed materials to help the field flourish to its fullness. A girl child is never to young to know the facts of life therefore empower the girl child from the beginning.

  4. Luwaga Gyaviira

    Thanks for the great incites on the Girl Child Day…Did you know that 26 girls are defiled in Uganda every day….to find out more visit: and join the fight against girl safety in public spaces and along transport routes…

  5. shaik rubina ali

    I m a 15 yr old teenager . i always have a question i n my mind ……. that we all say that womens are getting right girls are getting educated n blah blah whatever but in my daily life i see at my self only i dnt have any right to speak or the right to do action its hppng with me in my schl i m in 10th frm spring fields huh my mom give me every freedom but not my dad or bro every one say girls only ki ye mat karo wo mat karo dnt wear this arey yaar we got right na thn why we cnt do what boys can do in my schl only last year ur seniors use to abuse in front of everyone teachers huh no one said a single word when i gave a complain to the princi she said no u have started that i know why he will be saying what the hell i came n said my mom so she said okay i will come to your thn when my mom was coming my dad say why r u going i knw she have only done somethink thn only the boy will abuse her accha kara un joh bhi kara he said like this ahaan 1 year is completed n that boy is now in inter 1 year u only think how you will feel when some one will abuse you say rubbish about your character n abuse your family think once this only a fake right FAKE that women got right there is still no right for women after they study what hppn nothing get married n be house wife u just seee half of the womens after getting well educated they are house wife and now i can se my further i wish my this comment will work out … !!

  6. Darius Tipatet

    A girl child is a blessing too and we should all be thankful. They are the future wives, mothers and grannies without we shall we be! Lets stop violence against the girl child in every form of discrimination

  7. catherine kasao Mututua

    Congratulations in the great wonderful work you are doing for the girls through the girls summit,am a maasai woman who every other day is fighting for rights of a girl child,our culture is so discriminative,girls have the same rights just like other children,their is a special diamond in them,all we need to do is to polish it,protect it and nature it like any other talents.Second in put is that i will be happy to know where the next summit is,so to plan to attend it to give my views and learn from others how girls issues are handled in other communities.SALT is my term that is serving and learning together.

    Staying in a community enables us to understand the WHYS? and at the same time ways to come in.A true nice program you have,need more information.

    Good job you are doing,thank you,
    For maasai girls/women.

  8. jamuna magar

    girls are the gifts of god because gods were not live in everybodys house so god made a mother for care us and our future…… so save the girls


    The God has gifted us the Women as our Mother, Sister, Wife, Friend and a family care taker. We should come ahead to joint a hand for women’s growth and happyness in Society.


    The community not taking care of Girl & Women are culprit of Society. They are enemy of humanity. They must think about the natural right of man.

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  12. Charlotte Lochhead

    Looking forward to the day when hopefully, the entire world, will acknowledge that women and girls aren’t propery and that countries that practice genocide on females as a culture or other backward practices, shouldn’t sit at the counter with more civilized people, like other world leaders unless they CHANGE.

  13. Ruth Nombuso Zuma

    i am undertaking a study of a rural girlchild education and the social practises around her. i am using my experiences as a teacher in a rural area. i need to become more involed with the topics that touches on the girl child.

  14. farida sultana haque

    female foeticide is a major problem in our country, sad to say, highly educated people are involved in it.

    1. javeria jahangir

      I am not change but i tried to run fast…………
      I am soooooooooooo lucky I am girl…………
      I leave in future nd I miss my pas……….
      But i tried to leave in my present………
      I am sooooo special bcs i am girl……….
      But some people,friend or BFF never understand……….
      But iam not sad bcs iam girl……….

  15. Deborah

    I thank God Almighty for girls,fearfully and wonderfully made in His image! You go girls and be the best God has created you to be,for as He (jesus) is so are you in this world!

  16. Victor Mugera

    Hoping it will be a well to do summit this year,if i get informatio about where it wll be held and on which day it will be i would highly appreciat.Thanks


    I am a Girl-child activist through book writing from Uganda.
    I missed the 2013 summit, but I would really wish to participate in the forthcoming summit where I would like to exhibit my books for girls to learn about their fellow colleagues who have had excruciating experiences.
    I would wish to be updated on the program.

    256 784 855 791

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  19. Pamela

    GIRLS! Are God’s Gift.
    Preserve them with Love and
    Spend them with thrift.

    Girls are Fragile- Handle them with Care.
    Girls are Tough- Test them if you Dare!

    I AM proud to be a GIRL!

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