October 25, 2019 •

Christine, age 12

To Be A Girl In My Country

My name is Christine and I am a 12 year old twin sister of Cerine, and my 6 year old brother Abel.

I am a Canadian girl with Indian parents and I believe girls are strong, smart and capable of doing the same tasks as boys. As a little girl I always thought hardcore jobs were for boys. Sewing and kitchen chores were for girls. In my parent’s culture, it was kind of a tradition where girls do all the hard labour. So whenever there were opportunities for small sports teams though I would want to try out I always had self doubt because only a small percent of girls joined sports teams. Last year and this year I had gotten an award for all round female student. This proves that girls are smart and capable too. I am also one of the chosen leaders to help the grade six and seven students. Im confident as a leader and I want to encourage more girls like me to be leaders.

In my country we girls have equal rights as boys, but I wish I could see more girls standing up for themselves when they have the opportunity. We must break the false idea that

boys are superior to girls by proving that we are all capable regardless of our gender. I want to change the worlds perspective on girls so I have to be the change. Girls like Malala Youzef zai has made a difference in the world so girls like me can also change the world. My message for girls like me is; not to be afraid to begin a new generation where gender doesn’t matter. We can be the change that we want to see.