October 25, 2019 •

Celia, age 12


I may wear a skirt

I may wear some shorts

no matter what, you can’t deny it, I’m a girl

I may have long hair

I may have short hair

But I’m still definitely a girl

I may be smart

I may be not

I’m still a true girl

I may be emotional

I may be withdrawn

I am still a girl through and through

I may use makeup

I may be barefaced

I’m still a beautiful girl

I may be dressed up

I may be casual

The clothes don’t make the girl

I may be athletic

I may be a bookworm

Or I can do both and be an amazing girl

I may play the flute

I may play the tuba

I can still be a groovy girl

I may watch the news

I may bury myself in fiction

I don’t have to stay in reality to be a girl

I may be writing this poem

I may be appearing at a masquerade ball

I am still a girl.