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Day of the Girl Webcast 2015

On behalf of girls around the world, Happy #IDG2015!
Raise your voice with ours today and every day. We are the International Day of the Girl! Get ready to be inspired by the 2015 International Day of the Girl Webcast:

Thank you to all of our sponsors, partners and all who seek to empower every girl. A special thank you to the Working Group on Girls, Day of the Girl Pittsburgh and all of the amazing contributors to this amazing Webcast. We hope you enjoy a Happy #IDG2015

Together, we are changing the world.

Happy #IDG2015

For IDG 2014 Take Time to Listen

Listen, reflect and get ready to speak out about what you think, too. Today’s girls are experiencing different kinds of challenges all over the world, but we all can agree that it’s time to listen and stand together to help girls achieve their goals; their dreams.

In India, the clash between modern thinking and traditions is distracting. it’s “Modern Warfare” at school. Check it out:

What do you think?
Let’s celebrate IDG with our hearts and ears open and remember, together, we can change the world!

Happy IDG!


Wonder Women!

Unknown-7What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than by watching Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines! The documentary film originally premiered on Independent Lens and is available until March 31st for the #SheDocs online Film Festival.

What is your superpower? Celebrate Women’s History Month and tell us what you think of the film.

Watch. Learn. Share. Celebrate.



The Revolutionary Optimists

Unknown-4“If you want to start any type of change, start it with the children.” Don’t miss The Revolutionary Optimists, an incredible documentary about child activists bringing about change in their communities.

Get inspired, create change, and share the message! Watch the film today.

Together, we can change the world.


Not Another Word

not_another_word-full-thumb-mediumNot Another Word is an intimate portrait of three generations of women in a Middle Eastern family with deeply conflicted values. It is part of a collection of short films exploring international stories made for and by women.

Watch the trailer and the film for free until March 31st in the #SheDocs Film Festival.


Kind Hearted Woman

Unknown-3Can you heal from the wounds of abuse? Kind Hearted Woman follows one single mother’s intimate journey to find hope and a better life for her family.

Originally premiering on Frontline and Independent Lens, this fan-favorite is available as part of the #SheDocs online film festival for Women’s History Month.

Watch the trailer.

Enjoy the film.

Spread the word.

Interrupt the Violence

Unknown-2Originally premiering on Frontline, “The Interrupters” is the story of three ‘violence interrupters’ including the amazing Ameena Matthews, who with bravado, humility, and even humor works to protect communities from the violence.

Watch the trailer.

Enjoy the film.

Share the message of change.

Half of Her

Unknown-1Half of Her tells the courageous story of Mei in New York City. Mei gives birth in Chinatown and when her father discovers that the baby is a girl, he tried to force Mei to abandon her.

This film is part of a special Women and Girls Lead collection of international stories made for and by women.

Watch the trailer.

See the film.

Share Mei’s story.

Girls Hour on SheDocs

UnknownOver-crowded schools. Teen pregnancy. Pressure to contribute to family finances.

The Graduates: Girls Hour explores the dropout crisis from the perspective of three Latinas who are having a say in their own futures. Share their struggles and triumphs as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

This is the story of graduates who will make up America’s future.

Watch the trailer.

Enjoy the film.

Spread the word!