October 28, 2019 •

Carol, age 15

The rooster crows wake me up and who is knocking at my door? Oh that’s my lovely grandma. She also wants to wake me up. I rinse my face and pick my toothbrush. Toothpaste. Where are you? I am still searching it but I still didn’t found it. Try again and gotcha! But why? Oh no! We are out of toothpaste, grandma give me the new one.

I inhaling something’s nice and delicious food. What kind of food is that? Oh I can’t wait. Her I’m fried rice and hot chocolate are perfect for breakfast. Oh no. I’m late, hurry up!

How can I solve this? This is to hard for me, ask the teach or let it go? What I’m suppose to do? Come on Carol. Lets do this! Writing, writing, writing and yeah. I can do it. My essay is done. I need something to eat and school canteen is the best solution. Hmm? Which one? This one? And that one? I choose both of them.

Naughty, friendly, pretty, georgous, kind and cleaver friends. My school life are sad without them!

I’m home. So tired. Soft. Comfortable and nice bed to sleep but I can’t sleep because I’m hungry. Eat first or sleep first? I choose eat first. Yummy, delicious and tasty food. Oh thanks God. I’m Full.

Oopss! I almost forgot. I need to do a revision after school. Revision first. No sleep beacsue it’s more important. Don’t be lazy. Just don’t study hard but study Smart. Practice make perfect right? Keep fight and good job. You did it but did I take a long time? Not to long dear. Clean the dishes and yess! Almost done.

Oh! I’m so tired. Brush my teeth and take a bath. Use clothes, clean the bed. Take my blanket and teddy bear and had a rest. In the end I can sleep well. Hoping this night will be the great night because tomorrow I still have a same jobs to do. GOODNIGHT DEARSELF.