October 25, 2019 •



I am a girl and I am proud to be one. I feel that this is the era of girls. They are stepping out of their homes, breaking stereotypes and conquering the world. It is because of the efforts of ordinary yet extraordinary girls around the world who have spoken up for the rights of women and the girl child that we are seeing significant changes in the way the world treats women for example equal pay for men and women in many industries , measures to secure the rights of girls and stop girl trafficking etc.

If we talk about where I live i.e. India, girls had always had a special place in our culture and tradition which says that women are to be respected and worshipped as Goddesses and I agree that there have been many changes in favour of the girl child over the course of many years like the increase in the percentage of women in parliament to 14.5% or the increase in the percentage of women in labour force to 27.2%.But we all knowfacts don’t cease to exist just because we choose to ignore them so, are women actually treated the way they are supposed to be treated? NO they are not. According to the various surveys conducted, India is considered to be the most dangerous country for a girl to live in with high profile rape cases and increasing crime against girls. Now this is something on a much wider scale so if I talk about myself, do I feel safe when I walk the streets ofIndia even in the middle of a bright sunny day? No I don’t because when I walk on the street alone there are always two eyes staring at me .At every turn and every bend there is a different pair of eyes. All I do is look down and walk straight ahead wondering why do people do that? Have they never seen a girl before?

I don’t have an answer to this and I don’t know when this is going to end. I am not saying that all men are alikeand as shameless as can be but I am waiting for the day when men will come together with women to create a beautiful world for them, something they would surely regard as paradise.