October 25, 2019 •

Bhavna, age 15


As the sun illuminates the sleeping skies,

And bids goodbye to the lilac nigh’,

A little girl dreams with her eyes shut tight,

And she dreams of a beautiful day.


Her dreams are made of a magical mist,

There’s fairy dust woven through her golden wrist,

For years she’s been denied, but now it’s her turn,

She picks up her books and begins to learn.


She travels to caves with glittering floors,

She is caressed by the winds of a thousand moors,

She observes the universe work from afar,

Black holes, light rays, sound waves, and stars.


There are flowers sown into both her lungs,

Lyres in the throat, so beautifully strung,

Her mind is brimming, her thoughts are swimming,

Twilight whispers as the day starts dimming.


All around the world, little girls go to sleep,

Though their eyes are shut, their dreams run deep,

The dream of the wonders that lie in the world,

And they dream of a beautiful day.