September 21, 2014 •

Become a Science Sleuth!

DSC09673We have had so much fun sharing our Girls’ Leadership Program with you, and as part of our last activity, we want to tell you how we all became Science Sleuth’s!

First, we decided that if we were going to be effective leaders in the world – we needed to take action to save our environment. Then, we learned how to actually take care of the earth. We learned forest ecology and gardening; we learned about the importance of wetlands and how to study the behavior of birds, reptiles, and amphibians. And we played with a lot of frogs!

What about you? Do you want to save the environment?

IMG_0337Our Call to Action is: Become a Science Sleuth! 

Step 1: Watch as we explored our environment and learned all about mother nature.

Step 2: Tell us how you can make a difference and take care of the earth. Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter – don’t forget to use #IDG2014 and #11MonthsofAction

If you want to learn how to bring the Science Sleuth activities to your community, you can download the full curriculum here Scientific Sleuths Environment Expedition PBC August 2014 FINAL


  • PJ says:

    Saving the environment is so important. Think about how we would live without clean water. There are many countries around the world where this is not the case. I will work hard to support enviornmental efforts to keep our earth beautiful.

  • kb says:

    To save the environment I will try to bike more instead of my parents driving me everywhere and I will try to recycle more

  • Ritz says:

    To save the environment, I will recycle things instead of throwing them away and I will reuse things more often.