October 25, 2019 •

Ayushi, age 15

Eyes of a Femina

Femme, alnisa or simply woman
She has many names to go with
And many responsibilities to attend to To you, she is a matter of mystery

You want to test her mettle, You want to know her worth
So you observe from head to toe

But the only thing you don’t see Is the look in her eyes
Which seem like literal blackhole

They are much too powerful Much too strong
Much too raw
For you to have just one look And look away

The plethora of emotions Swimming there,
Draw you in
Drown you into it,

Suck you in a raging storm
Of oblivion and forbidden rights

Have a look
And you’ll know the feeling When the perverted stares of men Try to strip you with their eyes

Have a look
And you’ll know the feeling
Of not getting what you want What you need
Even if you deserve its every bit

Have a look
And you’ll know what it’s like
To prove to everyone
The worth of her life and the basic right; Education

Have a look
To know about the insecurity
She feels
When she walks down a deserted street

Have a look
To feel the pain
Of her destroyed dreams
Which were considered unimportant and valueless

It scares you, right? But don’t look away… Not right now, anyway

Have a look
To know perservance
And the ability to fight back

Against all odds

Have a look
To know tolerance
And the ability to blossom
In a wasteland of flower-less shrubs and thorny cactus

Have a look
To know love;
The unconditional, undefinable And infinite love
That holds her safe,
Binds her together,
In this forsaken world

Now, look in a mirror
And look deep down in those occular orbs, And tell me if you see
Any of these emotions
Swimming down right there.